Bitter:Sweet, Oliver Future, FreekBass -- ASD's Live Music PIcks for Wednesday, August 8

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Bitter:Sweet, 8 at the Independent. $15.
"Consisting of Shana Halligan (vocals) and Kiran Shahani (producer), Bitter:Sweet is more than just Zero 7 meets the Cardigans meets Bjork. Flavored with Shana’s sultry, sweet vocals poured over Kiran’s acoustic bass riffs, smooth string arrangements and blasts of brass, their sexy, upbeat compositions make you aware that Bitter:Sweet is authentic." -- Juicy

Oliver Future, 9 at Bottom of the Hill. $7.
"Nothing sums up the essence of Oliver Future, and perhaps their mixed feelings about L.A., than the back to back dazzlers that close this suite. "Drowning Parade" is a soulful ballad that could be an Antony and the Johnsons outtake, with its smoky-lounge vocals, alto and tenor saxophones, and Wurlitzer piano. The gentle tune gives way to "The Slow Fast," filled with scraping guitar riffs, techno beats, and punk rock screams "It's a-a-a-l-l... o-o-o-n-n." This record is on alright: on point, and on its way to being one the better surprise releases of the year. To hear for yourself, simply do what I did and put Pax Futura on the stereo." -- Lost at Sea

FreekBass, 9 at Elbo Room. $7.
"Produced and co-written by the legendary bassist Bootsy Collins, former James Brown sideman and bottom end for Parliament-Funkadelic, Freekbass' Body Over Mind is the kind of straight-up funk record that simply doesn't get made anymore. The grooves are deep and, for once, the cosmic lyrics about righteousness, grooves, and shakin' one's booty make perfect sense." -- AllMusic

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