Beastie Boys, Rob Swift, Macy Gray -- ASD's Live Music Picks for Saturday, August 25

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Beastie Boys, 8 at Greek Theatre. $50.
"They’ll never make another Paul’s Boutique, they’ll never make another Hello Nasty, and in three albums from now some reviewer will say of the then-new disc that they’ll never make another The Mix-Up. Which means we’ve got a lot to look forward to; then and now. On some playground, somewhere, there’s a snot-nosed kid busting these beats; I think he just found his scene."" -- Filter

Rob Swift, 10 at Poleng Lounge. $10.
"Originally brought to you by Stones Throw records, Fruit's place in the history of turntablism is well-secured — it's one of the first, if not the first, turntablist disc ever — but in hindsight, that praise alone is a little misleading. From his first chilled, late-night-at-the-lounge opening notes, Swift makes clear that his intention is not to make anybody sweat, not to flaunt his skills at inventing nutty mash-ups or whip anyone into anything close a frenzy. If his X-Ecutioners material is ready-hyped for the club, Soulful Fruit is all after-hours cocktails; as one of his more chilled tracks notes, Swift spends most of his definitive document in "Relax Mode". But it's that understatement and sense of assuredness that gives it the feel of a smart, slightly loungified mix tape (although the only one in recent memory in which the intro is furnished by Richard Dreyfuss)." -- PopMatters

Macy Gray, 9 at the Fillmore. $50.
"On the cover of Macy Gray's fourth album, her face appears in close-up, wreathed in black feathers. Nothing says "diva" like being wrapped in feathers, and the modern soul-pop artist with the powerful, fetchingly odd voice is framed here in epic settings, including sweeping orchestral R&B, dance-flavored hip-hop and psychedelic funk. "Big," indeed. It's far from the organic charm of her multiplatinum 1999 debut, "Macy Gray On How Life Is," but this collection hangs together better than 2003's "The Trouble With Being Myself" or 2001's "The Id."" -- Los Angeles Times

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