The Best Art Prints on the Web: Creep Machine's Josh Curates His Top 5 of the Week

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1. Jonathan Weiner "Dark Descends"
Based out of New York, Jonathan has a very surreal, mood invoking style. The characters
and scenes that he creates are very inviting. This print is from the amazing Jonathan Levin Gallery, which is also in New York. My favorite part about this print is the angle. It’s not often that we see work that takes a different angle like this. This print is from a very small edition of 25.
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2. Greg “Craola” Simkins "Ed’s Losing"
Often known as “Craola”, Greg Simkins has a very unique vision. The way that he handles acrylic paint freaks me out. This specific piece is from the Crazy4Cult show that is going on at Gallery1998 LA, a huge group show inspired by cult icons. This print is limited to 100 and I’m sure it will go fast. Of all the work I have seen of Edward Scissorhands, this is by far the best.
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3. Michael Hussar "White Devil"
Quite possibly one of my favorite artists, his skill is in painting is mindblowing.
The colors, mood, and content of his works are always surprising. He creates very few prints of his work, and when he does they always sell quickly. The print is limited to 88, and comes with a C.O.A., an invitation and a special folder for holding the print. While there is other work of his I would love to get prints of, you can’t be too picky when there are so few prints at all of his.
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4. Lesley Reppeteaux "Principesa Barnacle"
An artist who has lived in various cities all over the world, Lesley has an amazing style.
Each piece is a painted story, and her style easily ties all of her work together. I love the Hokusai inspired wave shown in this piece, and the colors are amazing. This print is signed, numbered and limited to 50. Get it directly from the artist’s site.
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5. Brian Taylor "Pity"
The creator of the amazing “CandyKiller” website, Brian has a great style. I couldn’t say it better than it was said on BlueFlip, “Brian creates bright, arresting images that resemble something Max Fleischer might have created had he been a fan of psychedelic mushrooms.” There are 12 prints you can get, I like the one above for the “glowing” look it has. 10% of the sales also go to Red Cross.
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