The Beach Boys, Blue Scholars, Tegan & Sara -- ASD's Live Music Picks for Sunday, July 22

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The Beach Boys, 5:30 at Mountain Winery. $45/58/58.
“But "Pet Sounds" . . . . nobody was prepared for anything so soulful, so lovely, something one had to think about so much. It is by far the best album Brian has yet delivered, and it paradoxically began the decline in mass popularity that still plagues this band. It also reflected Brian's preoccuapation with pure sound. In fact, the credits on the new edition of "Pet Sounds" read: "This recording is pressed in monophonic sound, the way Brian cut it." It's a weird little touch. The tone of it is so mythologizing it sounds as if Brian were no longer among us." -- Rolling Stone

Blue Scholars, 8 at Café Du Nord. $12.
“Despite the massive sales G-Unit types point to as the only real proof of their relevance (you guys do know it’s mostly white yuppie kids buying your shit, right?), hip-hop’s roots lie with the desire and execution of socially positive acts, by the people and for the people. Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaataa weren’t murdering their own people for garish jewelery and independently moving rims. They had genuine concerns. The sensible Seattle duo of emcee Geologic and deft producer Sabzi, together as Blue Scholars, is all too aware of this fact, and they’re doing their part to change the trends. Thank Jebus for that small miracle." -- Tiny Mix Tapes

Tegan & Sara, 8 at Brava Theatre. $25.
“Not that Tegan and Sara are rip-off artists; they aren't. They borrow the things that work, and define their sound with signature vocals and solid guitar work. On the surface, this is a pop album, but it's a smart pop album that lingers." -- IGN

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