Better Than a Battle of the Bands: Prince vs. Too $hort

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princeV.jpg Yeah, De La Hoya and Mayweather was an interesting face-off. But the build-up was better than the pay-off, and it probably won’t hold a candle to tonight’s Prince vs. Too $hort battle at S.F.’s Levende Lounge.

DJs Sake 1 ( and Toks, two absolutely underappreciated and overtalented local selectors, will curate the showdown, which is inspired by Dave Paul’s popular “Prince vs. Michael Jackson” parties, next taking place on July 21 at Madrone Lounge.

TooShort_V.jpg We didn’t talk to Prince about this as he appears to have lost our number. But we did manage to locate the constantly traveling Too $hort via text message. He happened to be in a most serendipitous place!

“I’m actually in Minneapolis right now,” he wrote. (That’s ground zero for Prince, for those who don’t follow; the home of his infamous Paisley Park Studios.)

“The truth is,” he continued, “if I was the judge, Prince would be the winner. He has more HITS than me.”

It’s not going to be an easy bout, that’s for sure. Crate diggers that they are, Sake 1 and Toks aren’t just going to bring any old tune to battle.

The judging is going to be tough. If you go back to nasty old, pre-Jehovah Prince (we’re talking even before the cream got on top), he’s got ditties that could easily be mistaken for Too $hort jams. Anyone remember “Hide The Bone?”

$hort conceded that he could have the home court advantage, since he did put Oakland on the international music map and all. So, while he'd personally crown Prince, "The Bay might not feel that way?"

Well, Bay Area, this important decision is in your hands. Who’s the baddest bitch: Darling Nikki or Blowjob Betty? -- Tamara Palmer

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