Loyd Family Players, Langhorne Slim, Karpov -- ASD's Live Music Picks for July 13

Loyd Family Players, 8 at the Independent. $12.
“Born in Chico, raised up at Burning Man, and brought to urban fruition in Oakland's Mosswood Park and Lower Bottoms, the Loyd Family Players take the pulse of traditional Brazilian samba and twist it into a loud, sweaty, sexy muss that's all their very own. The ten-to-twenty-person coed percussion (and sometimes fire) troupe swipes elements from hip-hop, dancehall, punk rock, drum n'bass, summer camp...anything goes. With members hailing from such exotic locales as England, Brazil, Rome, Peru, Antarctica, and Long Island, the Loyds are a foxy, unstoppable (and unstoppably foxy) dance machine.” --MySpace

Langhorne Slim, 10 at Bottom of the Hill. $12.
“Live he's a cracker as well. Encouraging audience participation in a panto-style calling back of lyrics, coupled with frenetic strumming and bursts of heart-felt screeching that leaves you winded, Langhorne Slim leaves you vibrant and wishing you could, like him, travel the country with just a guitar on your back and a beer waiting for you at the bar. This is a rough diamond who should never be polished for fear of dimming his shine.” --BBC

Karpov, 9 at Great American Music Hall. $12.
“Songwriter Andre Karpov lives and performs in the Mission District of San Francisco and draws inspiration from Eastern European folk dirges, Klezmer and Yiddish melodies as well as Delta blues. He sings and plays guitar in the band Karpov, whose members all have roots in the former Soviet Union. Their collaboration results in the dark songs found on Soliloquy. The title track reveals a homeless man's thoughts as he watches people eat at a restaurant.” --NPR

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