The Hundred Days, Sunn O))), Will Smith! -- ASD's Live Music Picks, July 4

The Hundred Days, 9 at Elbo Room. $6.
“In a seemingly effortless blend of relentless rhythms, stirring vocals, layered guitars, and atmospheric keyboards, SF rockers The Hundred Days paint euphoric soundscapes on their eponymous new release. With a wall of feedback and airborne melodies, the band, at their best, take cues from the moody daze of shoegaze, the soaring qualities of some of Radiohead's best, and kick the tempo up a few notches. Singer Jon Smith's deep vocals complete the hazy, frenetic scene while still possessing clarity and a modern edge that bodes well for radio play.” --The Owl

Sunn O))), 8 at the Independent. $17.
“The blackest of the black, the bleakest of the bleak, Sunn O))) combine high art with brutal power like no other, composing music that dares listeners to sit through it all, locking them into sludgy grooves so slow, so hypnotic, it will either have them repulsed, enthralled, or better yet, both. It's easy to shrug off Sunn O))) as nothing but pure, arbitrary noise, but the more you delve into their work, the more you begin to sense a structure to the music that's as lethargic as it is dreary. It's mood music for the worst of moods.” --PopMatters

Independence Day, all day, in America. $Up to you.
Watch Will Smith movies, blow up small pieces of land with M-100’s, drink a bunch of brew, eat a bunch of grilled meat, get nicely toasted, and pledge your allegiance…to the Autobots. If you don’t, the Decepticons win!

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