My Revolver, Papercuts, Black Moon -- ASD's Live Music Picks, July 3

Black Moon, 9 at the Mezzanine. $20.
“Enta Da Stage is one of the most convincingly nihilistic hip-hop records of all time. “Slave” in particular is a celebration of insanity, coupling a calm Beatminerz composition with Buck’s claustrophobic, violent rhymes. As a group, all Black Moon wanted to do on Enta Da Stage was whatever the fuck they wanted. Their rogueishness throughout this record is contagious. There is no hint of redemptive or even punitive moralizing here—everything goes. ‘Niggaz get bucked down, bitches get sprayed,’ goddammit.” --Oh Word

Papercuts, 8 at the Independent. $15.
“Indie-rock features a lot of major Velvet Underground fans, but few have grasped VU's overall feel the way Jason Quever does with his DIY collective Papercuts. The songs on Papercuts' second album, Can't Go Back, pull from a variety of late-'60s influences, from Bob Dylan's twinkly folk confessionals to The Mamas & The Papas' sunshine pop, but the core of each is simple: softly pounding drums, chiming guitars, and Quever's boyish whine. Songs like Can't Go Back's "John Brown" evoke melancholy American myths, and while Quever favors a basically chipper, airy sound, he also brings the same worldly heft that Lou Reed and John Cale provided even to trifles like "There She Goes Again." Quever adds Sergio Leone-like cinematic scope to songs like "Found Bird," and he has a gift for the kind of effortlessly gorgeous folk-pop ballads that are just a strong vocal away from being radio-ready. But with a band like Papercuts, mainstream success would probably kill the mood. It's harder to be whispery and sad in a room decorated with gold records.” --A.V. Club

My Revolver, 8:30 at Café Du Nord. $8.
“From the one and only city of San Francisco comes My Revolver, a high energy rock and roll band whose sound is as diverse as the attitudes and opinions of its five members. The current lineup was formed in 2006, and on the strength of live performance alone, My Revolver has proved to be a band with no adequate comparison. My Revolver has played shows with: Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears, Two Gallants, Trainwreck Riders,The Sharpies, The Badhand, All Time Highs...” --MySpace

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