Ozzfest Blackens SF, Gwar: “Let them Have Lordi”

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gwar%20image.jpg “... Lordi's head is on a spike during a Gwar set. ... ”
By David Downs

Metal festival Ozzfest rides into Shoreline Amp at noon today, drawing expected crowds of 18,000 to 30,000. This year Ozzfest is free, and the deal makes financial sense to promoter Sharon Osbourne because they aren’t paying the artists anything. Which explains why both Queens of the Stone Age lead Josh Homme and Gwar have talked mad shit about the line-up and SHARONNNNNN! herself.

Here’s what Queen Homme told Blender (via ContactMusic):

"I won't be playing Ozzfest again - they treat the bands like shit... This year you get to play for free under the guise of, 'We're doing it for the fans!' But it's really for the people who fan Sharon and Ozzy with palm fronds at their house."
Sharon Osbourne responded by saying: "I hope he gets syphilis and dies. I hope his dick fuckin' falls off so his mother can eat it."

And here’s what Gwar says about Euro trash knockoff headliners Lordi.
"Let them have Lordi, they can keep them," says Urungus. "It's really wonderful when a band like Gwar can fucking keep it real and kick so much ass in America for so many years, but they'll never let us play Ozzfest.
"And then some dumb fucking kiddie metal band from Finland can come along and, boom, they're headlining. Oh well, there's no justice in this world, but I guess that's why Lordi's head is on a spike during a Gwar set." (From ChartAttack)

Seriously though. The Ozzfest lineup does look kinda weak. No High on Fire? No Mastodon? No DeathKlok? What do you think?
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