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Last night I went to the little soft launch party for a new club called Temple. The place is located in SOMA, on Natoma row (Varnish, John Colins) but is tucked down there at the end, under the freeway. From the looks of it, the club is still putting on some finishing touches, but the space I saw was split into a couple different rooms. There was the white-walled, white furniture-d, black-lit “Destiny Lounge” (kinda chi chi Clockwork Orange with little video screens showing underwater scenes and colored lights changing the shades of the room) built around a small bar and DJ booth. Then there was a second, wider dancefloor space with large statues of Buddha – a space the club is calling “The Catacombs” (or was it “The Shrine”? Hard to keep it straight). All in all, Temple boasts four rooms and three dance floors, but I’m suspecting that this being the kinda joint that caters to the nouveau riche VIP, parts of its mini-labyrinth were being saved for the big spenders. Regardless of the names of its various areas, Temple boasts a soundsystem with enough bass and volume to make speaking necessary only when you're ordering cocktails.

On my way in, I ran into Live 105’s Aaron Axelsen, who reminisced about when the space was DV8 – a dance club that held raves back in the day, and also the place he once took Blur years ago when they came to town. Now that’s a VIP scene I would’ve liked to check out. -- Jennifer Maerz

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