Someone in the Audience Was Drinking A Tall Can and Everything

It was a parade of old punks and the young dorks who admire them at zinester turned legit author Dishwasher Pete’s reading last night at Needles & Pens. San Francisco-born Pete had us hanging on his every word, just like he always has. Part storyteller like Aaron Cometbus and part historian like Iggy Scam aka Erick Lyle, he’s got that dry, interesting white guy allure. And as suspected, he is cute. We’ve always figured he was, since reading between the lines of the old zines, you can kind of conclude that’s why all those pretty young girls were always hanging around.

Nowadays he’s got a pretty young wife and a no doubt good looking son, so stalkers, cut the crap. One highlight of the evening was when Pete screened the trailer for a would-be feature film based on his writings. It was made without his permission, and he put the brakes on it by bellyaching to the director (who claimed innocent fandom), but it was actually pretty good. Apparently, Pete caught his wife watching the clip a few too many times before it ceased and desisted to be on the Web. “Hey, you like that guy, don’t you?” he told us he told her. “You’ve got the real thing right here!” The moral of the story is that the actor who plays Dishwasher Pete is as handsome as the real Dishwasher Pete, and Dishwasher Pete’s wife has good taste. Buy the book for many reasons, but mostly to read about how two punks made an epic clown out of David Letterman. --Hiya Swanhuyser

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