Sold! To that little fucker in the Vans -- Skate This Art

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Skateboard designers figured out years ago that their product is pretty much a canvas for art, unlike everyone else in the sporting-goods industry (and I'm sorry for implying a skateboard is a sporting good). But at "Skate This Art, the 1st Annual San Francisco ART on Skateboards Show," the decks should stay affixed to the wall. 50 artists from S.F. and L.A. have contributed boards, and they're all up for silent auction at tonight's opening reception, which benefits the Tenderloin's Hospitality House and Roaddawgz homeless youth drop-in center. It's a shame these boards won't ever pick up the patina of a working deck, but if you're buying art at auction, you're too old for handrails. High fives go to any artist who works in a screaming hand. The reception starts at 5 p.m. at Bluespace.

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--Michael Leaverton

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