Racism in SF's Jazz Scene?

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Compilation albums almost always suck. Haphazardly thrown together and then hyped as something more, they're the CD equivalent of those "Week In Review" posts every blog is doing to generate hits. ;-) But when your comp claims to rep the Yay Area Jazz Scene, and you don't include a single black jazz singer in the mix, someone's going to drain their spit valve right on your dome.

Bay Area Jazz venue monarch Yoshi's in Oakland cut just such a comp this May, only to issue an unprecedented recall after the SF Chronicle published a story saying the CD proved the Bay's racism. Not a single black musician made Yoshi's 10th Anniversary cut. Only days after the story broke, Yoshi's apologized profusely, admitted that they farted out yet another whack comp in a world of whack comps (Ruff Draft, anyone?) and that they were contacting Blue Note records for some more legit shit.

Savvy newsman's reaction? No one buys whack comps anyway. More evidence to steer clear of such shite. As for racism. There are black people in the Bay Area? No way! Where?

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