Quit Bitching: Friday Night Picks

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Although it's impossible to blow rails in the bathrooms at Rickshaw Stop -- that, and coke is also bad, you selfish little shits, so quit hogging the can while I've got a seam-bustlingly full bladder -- partying at DJ Jefrodisiac and Richie Panic's "Blow-Up" is the next best thing. Indie, pop, disco, and noir sounds rule the night, which also features a live set by Hot Tub and guest DJ Miss June D. Also, since it's one of their many CD release parties, expect lots of White Stripes-ness in the air. You've been warned. (10 p.m., $8-$10)

Other points of interest tonight: the dub-heavy blowout "Grime City" at Anú (10 p.m., free); Amnesia’s funk, rap, and R&B-heavy "Don’t Stop" featuring DJs KLN, Hopper, and Spinnerty (9 p.m., $5); and Aunt Charlie's Lounge’s "Hot Boxxx Girls" because it’s just that jarring and awesome. Gina La Divina hosts this jaw-dropping drag revue. (10 p.m.-2 a.m., free) --Brock Keeling

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