Quit Bitching: Wednesday Night Picks (Pride [in the Tenderloin] Edition)

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With so much to do before this weekend's Pride blowout, you may very well soil yourself with glee just thinking about it. For starters:

"The Clap" at Aunt Charlie's Lounge has The Judy Experience -- speaking of which, Judy Garland was one of the very first punk artists (yes, actually, she was), so stop comparing her to Barbra Streisand and Madonna -- and resident DJs Gary Fembot's & Der Blaue Reiter's rare disco. vogueing classic, new wave, '60s soul, & new electronix sounds. (10 p.m., $3)

"Bailando" at Deco Lounge has disco, Italo, electro from 1976 to 1983. Very close to City Hall, but a world away. (10 p.m., free)

Mr. Lee-Ona's, for those of you who like authentic life-risking dive bars, and not look-at-me-slumming-it-in-the-Mission-check-out-my-Converse-shoes-and-angular-haircut dive bars. This shit is beautiful and real. Too real. (free) --Brock Keeling

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