David Bromberg, Norah Jones, Warfest -- ASD's Live Music Picks, June 25

David Bromberg, 8 at Little Fox. $30.

“Bromberg recorded sparsely during the ‘80s and not at all in the ‘90s. He rarely performed in front of audiences. It’s been 17 years since he has put out a new disc. The good news is, Bromberg sounds the same as ever. The bad news—which is not really that bad—is that Bromberg sounds the same as ever. The all acoustic contents of Try Me One More Time bespeaks a modern DIY effort and the old make what you need ethos. He’s still singing and playing stuff by the old masters like Robert Johnson, Rev. Gary Davis, and Elizabeth Cotton, as well as several traditional songs in a country blues style that seems as old as the hills and as immediate as the smell when you open the door and know that you’ve arrived home.” --PopMatters

Norah Jones, 7 at Mountain Winery. $60.
“Musical foreplay, like the real thing, is about balance and maintenance. This is both Jones’s strength and her weakness. Pop music can hurdle our expectations and pierce our defenses in a matter of seconds, rewiring our neurons before we have a chance to decide whether or not we liked them just the way they were. Pop doesn’t wait. But Norah does wait, patiently, for our consent. Even for those addicted to pop music’s disruptive jolt, this can be kinda nice.” --The New Yorker

Warfest, 7 at Thee Parkside. $10.
“WARFEST is based on the premise that ‘hard’ music is ‘hard’ music, whether it is hard rock or punk rock! Each Warfest show is a carefully chosen package of bands, designed to draw from two or more audience pools while retaining the relevancy of the core hard-edged style common to all, featuring bands with strong draws relative to the regions the show is appearing in.” --Warfest.com

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