Tortoise, SeaWolf, Lucky Stiffs -- Plugged In: ASD's Live Music Picks, June 20

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Angry: Lucky Stiffs, 9 at Bottom of the Hill. $10.
“Hopping around inside of one’s own genre can be dangerous. For instance, hardcore and gothic still fall under the greater punk rock banner but each side is guarded with such passion that it’s almost more dangerous to cross someone in your own camp than say, be a free-jazz nut. This is the tense atmosphere Lucky Stiffs happily toy with on Gold In Peace, Iron In War. They consciously implement both of the aforementioned in the same song with a strong dose of mid-’90s Fat punk (No Use For A Name and Lagwagon come immediately to mind) to boot.” --Exclaim!

Trippy: SeaWolf, 9 at Café Du Nord. $12.
“The same hazy veil of mystery that makes indie-popsters Irving so compelling hangs over Sea Wolf's songs, none more than on the eerie opener, "You're A Wolf". Church's narrative style tells the tale full of gypsies, wine, and lost love in haunting lyrics, "Old gypsy woman spoke to me / Said, 'You're a wolf, boy, get out of this town'". From the hard driving acoustic riffs and glistening electric guitar chiming between the beats of "Sea Monuments" to the tender fingerpicked longing of "The Garden That You Planted", Sea Wolf has more going for it than the strong songwriting skills of Church. The dusty acoustic backdrop of the story songs further pulls listeners into the rustic tales, turning this brief five-track EP into the kind that will leave listeners salivating for more.” -- IGN

Moody: Tortoise, 9 at the Independent. $23.
“Tortoise's music isn't something you'd throw in your car on a sunny day drive to the beach. It's ethereal and atmospheric and great for headphone trips. The music's poignancy won't undo you, but you'll come out in a different mood than the one you held onto when you started listening. This is a rock band that moves at the speed of jazz: which means that the group waits an eternity between records, only to release an album that's light years from the where the previous recording stood.” --PopMatters

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