Plugged in -- ASD's music picks for Wednesday, June 6

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Tangerine trees and marmalade skies: Bryan Scary & the Shredding Tears, 9pm, with My Revolver at Elbo Room. $7. "The Shredding Tears (Black & Greene), the debut album from 23-year-old auteur Bryan Scary, succeeds either because of its laser-accurate reproduction of old Beatles, Kinks, and Bowie or despite it, I'm not sure. It feels a little cheap to laud Scary, who did everything except play drums here, for being a great mimic -- with its deft melodies, expert arrangements, and arch campiness, The Shredding Tears is a pleasurable ride even if the scenery is a little too familiar." --Chicago Reader

Blooze: Johnny Winter, 8pm at The Independent. $25.
"It's a joy that Johnny Winter has been brought among us, however irritating the hypes that accompany him. All the bullshit becomes meaningless now, precisely because the forced enthusiasm of flacks and ad copy is so totally antithetical to the vibrantly instinctive eruption of his talent." --Lester Bangs

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