Pablo Francisco does a very good impersonation of the movie preview guy

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After solid, drolly self-degrading opening sets from local comics Matt Morales and Kevin Avery, I caught Pablo Francisco's 8pm set at Cobb's on Friday night (he played 8 and 10pm). All I knew about Francisco's act beforehand came from the following clip:

Which is kinda funny! But his comedy doesn't go much further than that.

Most of his jokes involve making fun of different ethnic groups (Chinese, Indian, African-American and Mexican, mostly) in addition to a lineup of celebrities (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Keanu Reeves, Aaron Neville, the preview guy, Don Lafontaine), and some other random stereotypes he's chosen to pick on (people singing karaoke, Cannibal Corpse, strippers, people eating while watching strippers, etc.). To get laughs, he uses bursts of mildly authentic-sounding impersonation and lots of 13-year-old boy humor (fart jokes, jokes about making "duck sounds" while people try to concentrate on, for example, shooting foul shots in the fourth quarter of a tense basketball game), and, again, it's kinda funny in bursts, but I do not encourage anyone to expose themselves to an entire set of Pablo Francisco unless you're very drunk, or you've just done like 500 whippits.

Here's more info on Pablo, via Wikipedia, MySpace, and some forum that discusses whether or not his act is racist. Just Google him if you're into his impersonations -- videos are all over the place. --Rita Loinsharks

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