Make. It. Stop. (Bangles)

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Ok, it was bound to happen some time. All the cool bands reunite, and then, out of the musty radio archives, stumble the D-listers who aren’t worth a spot on a wedding DJ setlist, let alone a reunion tour. I’m talking about the Bangles, who are headed out to bilk those nostalgia dollars this July and August. We’ll admit, that “Hazy Shade of Winter” cover was pretty sweet on the Less Than Zero soundtrack, but that doesn’t mean we’d pay to hear songs we can very well get drilled into our skull in the waiting room for our teeth cleanings.

And man, if we could live the life of Bangle Susanna Hoffs and pals in The Allnighter -- having our friends throw bags of weed into the pasta sauce, hangin’ with hot surfer bros named (was it Killer?), applying the dark lip liner like we were once married to Eminem -- life would be so much better than a measly blogger’s existence. So where were we? Oh yeah, The Allnighter -- directed by Susanna Hoffs’ ma, Tamar -- could be worth your time. The Bangles tour though? Only if you’re already in a casino and need to cash out before you get your arms snapped by the bouncer. --Jennifer Maerz

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