Gettin’ High on Death

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High on Fire is back in the studio, working on a new record to be titled Death is This Communion. The first secret to be leaked about this one is that our local metal kings are totally going grunge! They’re gonna be the next Alice in Chains-meets-Pearl Jam-meets Stone Temple Pilots! Ok, that’s a joke. But according to the band’s self-made behind-the-music-studios video, they are a) recording in Seattle b) working with legendary grunge producer Jack Endino at Avast studios and c) drinking coffee.

Otherwise, though, we can imagine Death is gonna be packed with more of the Devil’s aggressive shredding and such splendid song titles as Blessed Black Wings’ “Cometh Down Hessian.” (If they can match the seven-minute instrumetal triumph of Blessed’s “Sons of Thunder,” we’re absolutely on board). One thing about this “behind-the-scenes” video footage, though -- a great band doesn’t necessarily make for great documentary fodder. Show more personality, dudes! While scenes of Pike Place Market and Endino grinning about the drum tracks are nice and all, if you’re gonna dig into the YouTube generation, give us something for the fans who aren’t recording geek Tape Op subscribers. More rock + more humor = more reason for us to anticipate the next part in this High on Fire audio-visual series.

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