BFD Rewards SF indie rock quartet Overview with Spotlight

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Props to San Francisco rock four-piece Overview for stepping up and winning the BFD Local Band Contest at Bottom of the Hill. Best part is, they claim to've killed their fifth member in a need to strip down their sound.

"drummer Sam Totty threw his drumstick at the single ceiling light, plunging the room into darkness. Singer Spencer Dräger kicked the legs out from under the unsuspecting guitarist, erupting in maniacal laughter that was as clear and melodic as it was unsettling. The soon to be solo-surviving guitarist Brian Damert swung his Fender Stratocaster through the darkness, bringing the battle axe down on the unsuspecting guitar player’s skull. Blood flew unseen across the studio space, splashing across cymbals with a wet slapping sound. The darkness, and a gorgeous mane of chestnut brown hair, concealed the grim determination showing on Greg Sellin’s face as he bludgeoned the figure on the floor, wielding his P-bass with great ferocity and might. Not a word was spoken, and as the dying man breathed his last, blood-choked breath ..."
Overview starts its power point presentation on rock at Noon tomorrow. -By David Downs
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