Last Night: One Tribe Nation at the Boom Boom Room

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One Tribe Nation
June 21st, 2007, at The Boom Boom Room

Better Than: An oiled up Mt. Shasta draped in rubber sheeting with free lift tickets, relaxed nudity laws and padded trees.

First of all, what is wrong with you San Francisco? A balmy Thursday evening down in the Western Addition too good for ya? Seven hundred thousand of us and I alone -- well, almost -- found an amazing band last night and was promptly blown away by the deepest funkadelic vibe I’ve seen since Herbie Hancock dropped acid and mixed electronics and jazz.

The Boom Boom Room down on Fillmore St. across from The Fillmore was hosting a band called One Tribe Nation and, from the looks of it, didn’t promote the band well at all. A total of 25 heads were in attendance at the $10 cover charge venue -- 70 percent of them women -- and illuminates why San Fran is such a great place to mull around in the depths of music.

Who would have thought that it’d be possible to catch a jazz fusion band featuring members of Santana, Black Eyed Peas, the Goo Goo Dolls, Robert Walters 20th Congress and Shakira at a dive blues joint?

Well kiddies, since this is a post-show review and typically you’re generally fucked with regard to seeing what this reviewer saw the previous evening you might simply shrug shoulders and punch yourself in the face because you missed something great.

In this case however, One Tribe Nation is playing another show at the Boom Boom Room tonight. Don’t miss it. The band is tight, the groove is mellow-hot funky cream and the improvisation between the Elton John/Jack Nicholson hybrid keyboardist and tuned-in dreaded out lead guitar during their long, aggressive and purely entertaining renditions of Bob Marley and Santana cover tracks will keep your right foot tapping till you get off your ass and dance.

Dance I say.

Critics Notebook:
Personal Bias:
I had Guinness for dinner and have a natural affinity for empty bars
Random Detail: Hula girl on the cash register and a very high percentage of women
By the way: They play again tonight!

--Scott Van Velsor

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