Five Bay Area Cafes Serving Oddi-teas

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Whether San Francisco or Oakland opens their cat cafe first, we'll be waiting.

When you ask Google about "weird cafes," a majority of the results are Japan-related. But recently many of these themed-cafes have made their way stateside, providing alternatives to your usual tea spot. Whether you're having a tea party with some incredibly pricey dolls or cuddling with a complete stranger, these cafes are sure to leave an impression.

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Canned Coffee Wine is a Thing Now

Friends Fun Wine
Coffee+wine+can = fun?

Coffee in a can -- sure. Wine in a can -- desperate times call for desperate measures. But the combination?

Friends Fun Wine has concocted two canned, coffee-flavored wines for you to enjoy this summer, because why not, we guess?

Both the Cabernet Coffee Espresso and Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino contain 6 percent alcohol and are packaged in "slim cans." According to Thrillist, the cans will be sold for $1.99 in 15 states.

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7 Incredibly Targeted Food Apps For Your Phone

Farmstand, Untappd
Now we can find the nearest brewery next to the nearest farmers market. Thanks technology!

As if our lives weren't already ruled by technology, Yelp, Grubhub, and Urbanspoon are just not enough anymore. Food apps have gone up and beyond from targeting specific foods for your pizza, burger, and beer cravings, to Craigslist for leftovers. While the concepts aren't entirely new, some are downright weird and surprisingly practical.

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In a Few Years We Might All Be Drinking Camel Milk

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Wikimedia Commons
These days you can order your coffee with anything from cow's milk to almond milk, but even in an experimental town like San Francisco, a camel's milk latte has yet to sound like anything but a joke. Southern California-based company Desert Farms is looking to change that. With its tongue-in-cheek slogan, "make every day a hump day," and its packaging emphasizing the health benefits of its product, the company is trying to turn camel's milk into the next big thing in dairy.

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Hammock Cafe to Sway Over to the Mission

Ingrid Vierne
Vierne says "lazy is the new cool."
Hold on to your seats -- no, really.

The first cafe to feature hammocks in America (or so it claims) is set to open its doors in the Mission by the end of 2014.

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New Food Fad May Leave You Bugged Out

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Rey Lopez

Your next grub hub could be found in your backyard.

The "Pestaurant" has been popping up all over the world, serving insects for lunch free of charge, with its American debut in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, June 4. The lineup included grasshopper burgers (yes there are actual hoppers in them, no they don't taste like mint), buffalo worms, Mexican-spiced mealworms, and bubblegum-flavored ant candy for dessert.

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Drones Take Food and Drink Delivery to New Heights

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Robots delivering champagne, dreams can come true.
We may not have hoverboards or flying cars, but we have booze-delivering drones.

A Sausalito resort is piloting a robot program that delivers champagne directly to guest rooms. While this service is limited to those staying in a $10,000 per night suite, the hotel is already working on a second drone that will transport sweets and other goodies to all guests.

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Wine Tasting at Farmers Markets Will Cause Downfall of Civilization, Claims Anti-Alcohol Group

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Repent, ye sinners.
A spectre is haunting California -- the spectre of thimble-sized wine samples at farmers markets. The California state legislature is getting together soon to likely approve Assembly Bill 2488, a new permit that would allow for winemakers to hold "an instructional tasting event on the subject of wine at a certified farmers' market." And in the process, according to the anti-booze interest group Alcohol Justice, erode the moral fabric of society as we know it.

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This Week in Terrible Ideas: Powdered Alcohol

Categories: WTF?

You can never tell these days what's true and what's false on the Internet, but the world is also a confusing and often idiotic place -- which means there's a whole new category of things that you really hope are fake but are scared they might not be. Like powdered alcohol, a real product that was briefly approved by the feds before they reversed their decision on it.

As the story on the product's website now goes, founder Mark Phillips wanted some booze while on a backpacking trip and hit on the idea of making a lightweight alcohol powder that could be added to water. Then he set forth making it a reality. Thus the inadvisably named Palcohol powdered alcohol was born.

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New Food Truck Debuts Recipes Designed by a Supercomputer

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Flickr/IBM Research
Watson's first food truck.
In our age of ramen burgers and tikka masala burritos, food trucks already seem like they've broken down cuisine boundaries pretty well. But here's a new twist. IBM supercomputer Watson -- the one who outsmarted humans on Jeopardy! a few years back -- has taken a new position in the kitchen. IBM recently teamed up with the Institute of Culinary Education in New York to use Watson's incredibly, superhuman database recall skills to come up with new recipes and flavor combinations for a food truck that's making its rounds in the U.S.

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