Week in Vegan: Beating the Dairy Business, Fake Tuna, and Being Vegan On Vacation

  • Soy dairy alternatives are becoming more and more popular. People are enjoying their Silk plant-based milks so much, in fact, that stock prices of the dairy alternative are now higher than the dairy company that created them.
  • Here's a great response to the idea that going vegan is depriving yourself of something. You know the only thing I'm depriving myself of? Those horrible stomach aches I got from eating red meat. (And also high steak prices.)

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Sporting Events and Veg-Friendly Food: A Match Made in S.F.

A baseball field for all your omnivore and herbivore friends.

We all know AT&T Park to be the beloved home of the San Francisco Giants, but now it's once again PETA's top ranked vegetarian-friendly major league baseball field in the country.

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Week in Vegan: Fighting Disease, Ending Inflammation, And Eating Healthy At IKEA

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Burgers Are Ending the World, Says Cowspiracy

The Smiths sang that meat is murder, Anderson and Kuhn say it's also murdering the planet.

More than fossil fuel usage, more than fracking, more than overpopulation, livestock agriculture is the number one destroyer of our planet that Cowspiracy wants you to care about.

Directed by vegans Keegan Kuhn and Kip Anderson, the crowd-funded documentary reveals the "sustainability secret" which turns out to be a pile of self-indulgent, vegan propaganda.

Cowspiracy tells audiences that all the energy, water, and land that goes into dairy and cattle farming feeds into the gross amount of methane gas produced, and that is what is killing the planet. It's also what no environmental groups want to talk or know about, or so the film claims.

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Supper's On at Mission Pie

Julie Kramer
The simple, healthy supper offered at Mission Pie.
Pie is, for obvious reasons, the main reason people flock to Mission Pie. You can't help but love this retro-cozy spot with it's neon sign, friendly waitpersons, and righteous values: They buy directly from local farms, display a list of the foods they're using and their places of origin, and host interns from nonprofits seeking to provide clients with valuable job skills.

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Vegan Jerky Is a Thing That Exists, at Third Rail in the Dogpatch

Julie Kramer
At Third Rail, the new bar on 20th and 3rd Streets in the Dogpatch, you can drink some mighty tasty cocktails crafted by Jeff Lyons, who was formerly the bar manager at Range. You can also eat several types of jerky, many so popular that people have been known to come in just to replenish their at-home supply. And if you're a vegetarian, there is -- no lie -- vegan jerky.

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Week in Vegan: Fake Chicken, Nut Milk, and How to Buy a Bakery

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Week in Vegan: Vegan Seders, Soyless Tofu, and Baby Sloths

  • Having a vegan Seder? Here's everything you need to know to keep your event kosher and cruelty-free. Yes, matzoh balls are included.
  • If you're looking for a way to further make your Passover ethical and conscious of issues such as feminism and the discrimination suffered by the LGBT community, Jewish News has some excellent ideas. Even if you're just going traditional, there are some excellent ideas on what to replace the egg and the shank bone with. (Beets are the answer!)

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Week in Vegan: Fake Chicken, Nut Milk, and How to Buy a Bakery

  • If you've been looking for an opportunity to dump your boring corporate job and open a bakery, your ship has arrived! Cinnaholic (omg so good) has started a franchise program. Get it!

  • A recent recall of fake meat (it was labeled as real meat and no one complained) has proven something important: Fake chicken now tastes like real chicken. Hold on to your hats because shit just got real.

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Week in Vegan: Snakes, Steaks, and Samuel L. Jackson

  • Samuel L. Jackson has gone vegan so he can become immortal. It's comforting to know that he'll be around to make sure our planes are snake-free forever!
  • Vegan food mashups are about to hit big, you guys. I can feel it. Who's ready for an avalanche of pizza waffles and meatloaf cupcakes? (Savory cupcakes sound like a beautiful dream.)

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Week In Vegan: Have a Vegan Valentine

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