S.F.'s Most Festive Holiday Cocktails

Gingerbread Flip, Burritt Room + Tavern
'Tis the season to be jolly, in more ways than one. Winter is in full swing and the holiday season upon us. Take a break from gift shopping and stocking stuffing and instead, find some shelter from the cold to nurse a holiday libation. We've rounded up the city's five best holiday drinks.

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A Side of Cider: S.F.'s Best Hard Ciders

Categories: Beer, Top Five

Christian Albertson
Hard ciders at Abbot's Cellar.
We San Franciscans love this time of year: leaves changing, sweater weather, and especially the seasonal treats at our favorite haunts. But if the spiced apple cider at your local café isn't cutting it, try something a little harder. We've rounded up our five favorite hard ciders in the city.

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Plate Me Some Pumpkin: Our Five Favorite Pumpkin Dishes

Pumpkin Shrimp, Burma Superstar
With a crisp evening breeze blowing the fallen orange and red leaves over your boots, San Francisco is finally embracing autumn. And if the end of summer isn't enough to convince you, we've put together a list of our favorite pumpkin dishes around the city to ring in the fall season -- and make your taste buds tingle too.

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Five Six San Francisco Pizzas Make it to Nation's Top 101

Categories: Eat This, Top Five

Una Pizza Napoletana
Una Pizza Napoletana's Margherita made it to No. 4 of the nation's top 101 slices.
A handful of pies from the best city in the world have made it to the nation's top 101. The list was created by Arthur Bovino of The Daily Meal and 50 panelists consisting of American chefs, pizza authorities and restaurant critics who have compiled the most cheesy, most savory, most sought after slices in the US of A.

And the drumroll please...

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Top 5 Humane Fast Food Joints in San Francisco

Categories: Meat, Top Five

Regardless of what some militant herbivores will tell you, not all meat-eaters are evil marauding baby-eaters who have zero regard for where their meat came from. San Francisco is already a leader in providing diners with organic, humanely raised meat -- and it's not just for the fancy restaurants. Here are our top five places to get humanely-raised fast food in the city.

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Five Giant Snacks New to AT&T Park This Season

Giants opening day is only a week away, and as much as we adore our World Series champions, we can't help but wish the food in the stands was as good as the action on the field. 

This year that might finally be happening. Crave-able additions to the AT&T Park menu include a veggie frankfurter, beef brisket, and corned beef sandwiches. Here's the heavy hitting highlights of the new Giant snacks.

Erin Browner
Sweet potato fries at Murphy's Pub

5. Curry dusted sweet potato fries served at Murph's Pub: Obviously the sweet potato version of fries could never replace baseball's infamous garlic fries, but we appreciate the healthier (and less stinky) option.

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Top 5 Racist Food Faux Pas

Categories: Top Five
By now, you've probably heard about Ben & Jerry's limited-release ice cream flavor, "Taste the Lin-Sanity," which included a lychee swirl and Fortune Cookies. You know, because he's Asian. Because, you know, if he was African-American, Ben and Jerry woulda thought it was a good idea to fill it with watermelon and fried chicken. OH WAIT. Anyway, we live in an incredibly racist world filled with crap like this that happens all the time, and so we thought we'd take a walk down memory lane and see what other fun food campaigns turned out to be just the tiniest bit racist. And by "tiniest bit racist," we mean, Long Duk Dong-level racist.

5. NYPD Cases Muslim Restaurants
Turns out, the NYPD just really loves to keep an eye on Muslim restaurants. Maybe it's because some of them sell donuts? Or maybe it's because they're profiling based on race. One or the other, we guess. Maybe both!

4. Fun with receipts!
Restaurants just can't stop being racist on their receipts. Not only are these people racist, they're also incredibly stupid. Customers get copies of their receipts, brainiacs.


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Five Mall Food Court Finds S.F. Foodies Can Stomach

Categories: Top Five
The typical mall food court is the culinary equivalent of The Epcot Center -- a rickety selection of "ethnic" delights poorly prepared and served lukewarm to the grinning consumers of modern America. There the fruits of the world's gastronomic endeavors are reduced to their most basic,  blandly palatable components ... Unless you're lucky enough to stroll down the Concourse level of the Westfield San Francisco Centre.

Though its lowest level maintains the plasticky gleam of a mall eatery, as well as the seemingly required selection of Buckhorn Grills and Kichi Japanese Kiosks seemingly native to all food courts, the Westfield Center also manages to transcend the abject disgust so often associated with a meal spent in the basement of a monument to shopping.

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Top 5 YouTube Cooking Shows

Categories: Top Five

Clara with pan.jpg
Clara, the Depression-era cooking star
ig news in the food world: Food Network exec Bruce Seidel is jumping ship for YouTube's new food channel. Considering that the internet seems like it might be here to stay, it's probably not a terrible idea. While Bruce is most likely pondering YouTube's food channel future, we'd like to humbly (?) suggest a few YouTube stars to take with him to the big time. Bruce, call us -- we'll do lunch on you.

5. Nicko's Kitchen
Nicko is a lovely large-and-in-charge Aussie and he's teaching us how to create food, down under-style. He's basically a male version of Guy Fieri -- lots of fast, loud talking and catchy theme songs. He's easy to follow, has adorable kids, and that accent. We like! We're telling you, Bruce, this guy could take off.

4. Depression Era Cooking
The original slow cook, 96 year old Clara, tells tales of surviving the great depression on nothing but a tomato plant and a can of beans. She's adorable, sassy, and LIVED THROUGH THE GREAT DEPRESSION. Have some respect! Clara's show is part History Channel, part Food Network, and 100-percent awesome. She even talks about how, during the depression, bootleggers came door to door to convince people to store whiskey in their backyard. Screw Boardwalk Empire, we've got Clara.

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Top 5 Cooking with Dog Episodes

Categories: Top Five

Cooking with Dog
First, everyone relax! It's a cooking show about a woman who cooks with her dog. Second, his name is Frances, he's internet savvy, he wears many hats (figuratively and literally), and he loves to sit on the kitchen counter and narrate each episode while his mom (girlfriend? beard?) does the cooking. SFoodie is rightfully obsessed with Frances so get excited for some unsanitary deliciousness via our five favorite episodes. Take it away, dog!

5. Kohaku Namasu (Pickled Daikon and Carrot Salad)
It's a new year's recipe, so we have to include it. Plus, Frances asks for votes in some YouTube contest at the end, and it's truly amazing. If you do one thing for me today, please pay my rent. If you do another thing, please get to the end of this video to see Frances using a PowerBook. He's good in the kitchen, he knows how to work a computer, and he can talk -- he's really got it all!

4. Christmas Crepes
Although the holidays have passed, nothing beats Frances in a Santa hat. Plus, I swear, Frances is sleeping standing up for over half of this episode. Quit sleeping on the job, dog! Okay, okay: Keep sleeping on the job. It's adorable.

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