Ike's Place Has a Secret Menu!

Pete Kane
The John Connor (#154): Steak, habanero, mushrooms, avocado, and mozzarella sticks.

As a rule, the concept of a "secret menu" should be regarded with healthy skepticism. They're essentially a ploy to get you to feel super-cool and in-the-know about ordering from things you don't see the price of, so you usually wind up paying extra for the warm feeling of superiority towards the sheep who think, say, a Double-Double is the end-all-and-be-all.

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Talking Subs with Merigan's Liza Shaw

Categories: SOMA, Sandwiches

Jenn Pries
The porky Arista sandwich at Merigan Sub Shop.
I walked into Merigan Sub Shop on a Thursday, otherwise known as "pig day." In between building subs, Liza Shaw and her team were butchering down a whole pig. All of its parts lend themselves to different sandwiches. The shoulder and loin are combined in the Arista, the back legs become the prosciutto for the Italian combo, the belly becomes the porchetta and any other bits and pieces become meatballs. The liver becomes the liver terrine and even the skin is fried to make addicting pork cracklings.

Shaw, a former chef at A16, is meticulous in providing the best sandwich she can. Over an Arista (a juicy combination of braised and roasted pork mixed with provolone, rapini, and hots) we talked subs, baseball, and her plans for the future.

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Merigan Is Quite Possibly the Most Overpriced Sandwich In the City

Pete Kane
The $9 Half Italian Combo (here halved again): mortadella, salami, prosciutto cott, provolone, lettuce, onion, tomato, dressing and hots.
Very near the ballpark, South of Market has a new sandwich shop, Merigan. It's a project from Liz Shaw, formerly of the legendary A16, and it wears its Italian-American heart on its sleeve. If you're from the Empire, Garden or possibly Nutmeg State -- or wherever sandwiches like this are called "heroes" -- you will like them.

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Wise Sons Deli Now Open at the Contemporary Jewish Museum

Anna Roth
The new Wise Sons Deli in the ground floor of the Contemporary Jewish Museum.
Hipster Mission deli Wise Sons just opened a second brick-and-mortar outpost at the Contemporary Jewish Museum today, serving up a full menu of sandwiches, salads, sides, and matzo ball soup to museum-goers and downtown visitors. We went over to check it out about an hour ago -- things were a bit slow, but we were impressed by the team's efficiency on their first afternoon. There is a counter-service dining room inside the museum (you have to go through a metal detector to get inside, at least today, which is kind of a bummer), and outside is a takeout window and a few tables on the pavilion.

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Pop-up Report: Sneaky's BBQ at Vinyl Coffee & Wine Bar

Categories: Pop-Up, Sandwiches

Jen Hunter
San Francisco is crawling with pop-ups, and there are more than a few just on the short stretch of Divisadero between Haight and Golden Gate. Today we return to that fertile ground to bring you this, the second installment in our occasional series of pop-up reports:

Sneaky's BBQ at Vinyl Coffee & Wine Bar
The Pop-up: Sneaky's BBQ
The Host: Vinyl Coffee & Wine Bar every Wednesday 6-9:30 p.m.
The Cuisine: BBQ, with emphasis on Carolina-style sauces
The Experience: One of the great joys of a pop-up is the incongruity it produces -- the odd coupling of, say, must-try burger with bumpin' club, or Vietnamese street food with bicycle repair -- and Sneaky's at Vinyl pushes that button with style.

A coffee shop by day and wine bar at night, Vinyl feels like a very grown-up place, especially compared to the dozens of other cafes within the few blocks of the Divisadero corridor. Its dark walls are adorned with thoughtfully selected art, the clientele skews older (so, like, 35) and better dressed, and the playlist is more jazz than Jay Reatard.

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Pal's Takeaway's Fourth Anniversary Party, Expansion Plans

Categories: Events, Sandwiches

It's a little-disputed fact that some of the city's best sandwiches come from Pal's Takeaway, the tiny counter ensconced in Tony's Market at 24th and Hampshire (though you may remember a few months ago when they were raising Kickstarter funds for a move/expansion; more on that in a moment). Anyway, the beloved sandwich shop is celebrating its fourth anniversary this Friday with a bevvy of super-special sandwich-making guest stars.

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Best Sandwiches - Pal's Takeaway, inside Tony's Market

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Where To Get Your Free Grilled Cheese Sandwich Today

4541489084_968537a08f_b_flickr_grilled cheese.jpg
You know you want one.
It's National Grilled Cheese Day! And while it's true that we usually avoid mention of such theme days because, well, there are so many and they usually skew toward the random (today is also National Licorice Day, tomorrow is National Peach Cobbler Day, Monday is National Glazed Spiral Ham Day, and so on), free grilled cheese is a giveaway we can get behind.

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Best Sandwiches in the Movies: Don't Forget The Tiny Bread in Spinal Tap

Categories: Sandwiches, Video

spinal tap sandwiches.jpg
We very much enjoyed Bon Appetit's all-sandwich-all-the-time coverage last week for Sandwich Week, but had a few quibbles with their list of the 13 best sandwiches on film. Mainly because they missed one of our all-time sandwich scenes: The tiny bread (and regular sized lunch meat) that causes such a problem for Christopher Guest in This Is Spinal Tap.

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Chicken Soup's Good For the Soul at Shorty Goldstein's

shorty goldsteins menu.jpg
Anna Roth
The chalkboard menu and house-made pickles at Shorty Goldstein's.
A new deli in the Financial District is offering classic comfort food like pastrami sandwiches and chicken soup updated with local, seasonal ingredients, as per usual in S.F. The tagline at Shorty Goldstein's is "cure, brine, smoke, pickle," which refers to all the things that Michael Siegel and his team do in-house.

Breakfast brings cheese blintzes, matzah brei, challah French toast, a gravlax plate, and a pastrami or corned beef Benedict, which sounds like an amazing hangover cure. For lunch, there are meaty corned beef, pastrami, and turkey sandwiches, along with a beef tongue version of Thursdays, matzo ball soup, chopped liver, latkes, kniches, brisket, and half roasted Mary's chicken.

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Really, Really Good Sandwiches in the Richmond

Bay Ewald
Angelina's Café, nestled on California and 22nd Avenue, is one of the Richmond District's hidden gems. Bustling with a lively and spirited neighborhood vibe, Angelina's is the perfect place to venture when you have a hankering for a mouthwatering sandwich, side dish, and soda pop.

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