Jane on Fillmore Expands to Larkin

Pete Kane

The criminally undercaffeinated Tendernob jolted towards a satisfying set of shakes as Jane on Larkin -- the companion shop to Jane on Fillmore -- has opened its doors, making latte art. An opening party on Friday night brought out none other than Supervisor David Chiu, so there is some governmental muscle coming to the corner of Larkin and Cedar Street, a less-than-savory alley best known as the place where Edinburgh Castle washes out its bar mats.

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Fujiyoshi Ramen, Popping Up in the Tendernob

Pete Kane

Our warm, dry winter hasn't exactly made for ramen season, but so many bowls of soup are popping up that it's hard to keep up -- and it's just one more reason to wish for rain. Fujiyoshi Ramen, in the Tendernob/Union Square area is only the latest offering in S.F.'s new crop of noodle houses.

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Four Bowls of Soup to Keep You Warm and Toasty

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Pretty Much Everything About Lebanese Joint Mazza Luna Is Amazing

Pete Kane
It really would be hard to find a bad thing to say about Mazza Luna, the new Lebanese restaurant and lounge on Van Ness, except that Van Ness has too much exhaust. The new upscale offering from the team behind Hayes Valley's Mazzat aims high on presentation, on all fronts, with an affordable price point so out of sync with 2014 S.F. that is almost defies belief.

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Amazing Bibimbop Alert: Jin Mi, in the Tenderloin, Rocks It

Pete Kane

Fans of superior bibimbap have a lot to love in Jin Mi, the new no-fuss Korean restaurant in the Tenderloin. Especially fans of seafood bibimbap served in a sizzling stone bowl that keeps the dish hot even by a slow eater's pace, and crisping the bottom layer of rice. It's large, a fried egg sits atop it, and the seven bowls of banchan which come along for the ride span both the familiar and the mysterious. And finally, it's a deal at $9.99 (and a dollar cheaper at lunch).

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Tenderloin Korean Hole-in-the-Wall Aria Doubles Its Menu for Winter

Categories: Tenderloin

Pete Kane
This sizzling platter of spicy squid has an incredible variety of flavors and textures.
I'm taking a deep breath as I write this, because if there is one hole-in-the-wall in San Francisco I genuinely (and completely selfishly) don't want to become popular, it's Aria. This tiny, ugly, clumsily laid out, two-table "Korean American Snack Bar" run by a sweet, late-middle-age couple on a gross stretch of Larkin Street is unfailingly delicious yet I've never once had to wait for a table to open up.

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Sampling Namu Gaji's Korean-Influenced Brunch

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Libby Jane Café, a Retail Version of Brenda's French Soul Food, Now Open

Pete Kane
Anyone who's a fan of Brenda's French Soul Food -- basically a subset of humans that's synonymous with "people who enjoy all that is glorious about being alive, and who also have the patience to wait an hour and forty-five minutes for a table" -- will be delighted that its grab-and-go counterpart, Libby Jane Café, is now open just down Polk Street. (It's named for Libby Truesdell, life and business partner of Brenda Buenviaje).

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Mikkeller Bar Soft Opens Today

Categories: Beer, Tenderloin

Morgan Woolley
It's happening, you guys. The Tenderloin is becoming a fierce drinking destination. Between the Bourbon & Branch bar empire and Jasper's Corner Tap (a little further afield), some of the city's best cocktails have resided in the grimy 'loin. With the freshly minted Mikkeller Bar, dozens of taps of world-class beer are finally flowing in the TL.

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Headlands Brewing Co. Launches
Steins Beer Garden

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After Midnight: Exploring the Scene At Naan-n-Curry

Things change after midnight. Some streets empty; others fill up. Most people are in bed, but many go out to drink, dance or just to wander. Those that do get hungry. Come explore San Francisco's late night food options with us in our new series, After Midnight.  

The first thing I noticed when the door opened at Naan-n-Curry was the cloud of smoke. The curry and spices hung in the air to create a thick haze, which made it look like I had stepped into a restaurant that still allowed smoking, or a bad air day in Los Angeles. But it smelled like success. At 1:30 in the morning, finding non-diner food can be a chore, and I wasn't in the mood for pancakes.

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Tamale Lady Booted From Zeitgeist

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Get Up Early For Pulled Pork Benedict, 'Tenderloin Elvis' French Toast at Fused

Pete Kane
Pulled-pork benedict at Fused.
All too often, "Asian-fusion" reminds people of some deafening restaurant from the 90s where nobody ate anything because they were all doing blow in the bathroom. Fused, Chef Christopher Williams' new weekend morning pop-up at the House of Thai in the Tenderloin, couldn't be more different. When you come here, you're going to eat.

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Drink of the Week: The Viceroy at Cantina

Lou Bustamante
Few spirits that have the potential to incite the kind of heated debate that pisco, the South American unaged grape based brandy, is capable of. Should you ever have the misfortune of asking a Chilean and a Peruvian about the origins of pisco, you would quickly find yourself with no answer and in the middle of a discussion on the verge of fisticuffs. It would be safer to light up a smoke while filling up your car with gas.

Both countries proudly claim pisco as a national invention and the Pisco Sour as the national drink (oddly a drink invented by an American, Victor Vaughn Morris in Lima, Peru). At Cantina, bar manager Shaher Misif is doing his part to unify the divide with cocktails.

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