Malaysian Breakfast at Lime Tree in the Richmond

Pete Kane
Sambal with okra and green beans.

Lime Tree Southeast Asian Kitchen, a perennial favorite in the Sunset, has opened a second location on Clement Street and it is a must for anyone who's ever in the mood for a slightly different take on more familiar Asian cuisines (Malaysian, in this case). Better still, they're open from 9 a.m. for breakfast, if savory rice and noodle dishes are something you'd be into first thing in the morning.

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Lers Ros Thai Comes to the Mission

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Dive Bar Bites: The Sloppy Joe at Buckshot Bar and Gameroom

Ferron Salniker
The Buckshot's gloriously sloppy Sloppy Joe.
My childhood memories of sloppy joes involve a plastic tray, a half-pint carton of chocolate milk, and a shriveled hamburger bun soaked in a pool of mysterious red sauce. But things were different for Andy Brown, the chef at Buckshot Bar and Gameroom, a dive bar with an assortment of old arcade games and pool tables in the Inner Richmond.

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San Tung Doubles In Size, Queues Form for Dry Wings

Yelp/Ryan R.

Fans of San Tung's dry wings know that even at off-hours, the wait time at this Inner Sunset favorite can be tedious. Rather than open a second, stand-alone location, the owners took the path of least resistance, annexing the adjacent storefront once it opened up but leaving the wall intact. And so we have San Tung #2, instead of merely a double-wide San Tung.

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Enter: the Cragel, House of Bagels' Croissant-Bagel Hybrid

Pete Kane
A fresh tray of cragels emerges from the oven.

Doubtless some people, when informed that there is now such a thing as a "cragel," will think, "OMG, no. Just no," while others will jump with joy at the prospect of maybe, possibly getting to wait in the rain for three hours for something. And they're both wrong. The cragel is imminent, it is delicious and it's not a day-old gimmick flown across the country. It's in the Richmond, at House of Bagels.

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Hot Sauce and Panko Unveils Ramen Wings

Pete Kane

Hot Sauce and Panko, the five-table wing emporium in the Central Richmond that has already won hearts and minds with its bulgogi, honey salty crispy pepper, and hot chili crunch wings, has released a new product: fried ramen wings with pour-on sauce. Anyone familiar with this impish Korean joint is probably delighted that they've gotten in on the ramen-derivative craze.

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Xi An Gourmet Brings a Hard-to-Find Regional Chinese Cuisine to the Richmond

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Xi An Gourmet Brings a Hard-to-Find Regional Chinese Cuisine to the Richmond

Pete Kane
The Mapo tofu (with fish) was wonderfully silky.
Xi An Gourmet, on Geary at Second Avenue, is a real find, an un-Americanized restaurant specializing in Sha'anxi food, the garlicky and noodle-heavy cuisine from a rugged province of Western China. While Yelp is only to be trusted as far as it can be thrown, the positive comments are united in one thing: what Xi An offers is a relative rarity, sitting among all the Cantonese restaurants in the Richmond, and San Francisco more generally. There's also House of Xian Dumpling in North Beach/Chinatown, but apart from the salt-and-pepper fried chicken, it's considerably inferior to Xi An.

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Really, Really Good Sandwiches in the Richmond

Bay Ewald
Angelina's Café, nestled on California and 22nd Avenue, is one of the Richmond District's hidden gems. Bustling with a lively and spirited neighborhood vibe, Angelina's is the perfect place to venture when you have a hankering for a mouthwatering sandwich, side dish, and soda pop.

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Braving Brunch: Refreshing Japanese Breakfast at Cassava Bakery + Cafe

Rebecca Huval
Notorious for long lines, brunching in the city can easily turn into a whole-day affair. From wait times and signature dishes to ambiance and drink selections, Braving Brunch is your go-to resource for navigating mid-morning meals.

The Spot: Cassava Bakery + Cafe
The Neighborhood: Outer Richmond
The Cuisine: New American
Specialty Item: Japanese Breakfast

To Americans, breakfast means Belgian waffles doused in syrup, fried eggs, and greasy sausage -- in other words, fat, fat, and more fat. But to the Japanese, it means a meal loaded with iron, fiber, and protein, all subtly flavored without the help of grease. Earthy miso soup, koshihikari steamed rice, and gooey soybeans rule the day.

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Angelina's Halloween Cookies: No Trick, Just Treat

Bay Ewald
When I was younger I marked the changing seasons by the rotation of holiday-themed cookies on display at my favorite bakeries. And the best thing about reverting back into my childlike state of pre-holiday excitement as an adult is that I am no longer told "not before dinner" as I gaze longingly into the glass case full of sugary delights.

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Eats Fills Cozy Brunch Niche in the Richmond

Come Sunday morning, most San Franciscans head to the Mission for a fix of bottomless Bloody Marys and breakfast sandwiches stacked with house-cured salumi and local cheese. But Eats, located in a cute corner of the Inner Richmond, reminds us that the brunch "scene" in this city is more varied than we already imagined.More »

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