Pal's Takeaway Celebrates its 5th Anniversary With Lots of Sandwiches and Beer

Jeff Mason
If you're lucky, you'll come on a day when Pal's Almosta Turkey Club is on the menu.

San Francisco sandwich lovers are already familiar with Pal's Take Away, the Mission haven for salads and sandwiches made-to-order with local and organic ingredients, from the meat to the bread and literally everything in between. The man behind the sandwich magic is Jeff Mason, Pal's owner, founder, and sandwich-slinger, whose successful Kickstarter campaign moved the shop from inside Tony's Market at Hampshire and 24th Street up to La Movida Wine Bar at Folsom and 24th Street less than a year ago.

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Rice Paper Scissors' Brunch: Exactly As Good As You're Hoping

Pete Kane
Fried egg banh mi.

Vietnamese street food champion and all-around social media darling Rice Paper Scissors has made the move from pop-up to permanently stationed restaurant, inside Brick and Mortar Music Hall on Mission and Duboce -- and now they're doing brunch, too. Valerie Luu and Katie Kwan are apparently incapable of a misstep, and while the prices are a tad higher than some other banh mi in town, you can taste why.

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Move Beyond Chilaquiles and Huevos Ranchers with Three New Mexican Brunches

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They Juice by Night: Thistle Juices, on Valencia

Pete Kane

When I was informed that Thistle Juices churns out its product at night, my first thought was, "That is so goth. Is this some kind of anti-macrobiotic thing?" But it turns out that these radiant, colorful juice blends -- which are the very opposite of Siouxsie and the Banshees or a dead flower corsage -- are made during the wee hours because that's the only time they can run the machines and still average a mere 24 hours from farm to bottle.

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Kale Tacos in a Dive Bar -- How Totally S.F.

Yelp/Ann L.
Here we are in the midst of what may as well be the Decade of Kale. You can't walk a block without seeing the super green on a menu in this city. Kale is the new pork belly -- in terms of its ubiquitous presence, not necessarily in regards to nutritional value -- and while we've seen it on pizzas and in all manner of smoothies and salads, we're surprised it's taken this long to encounter it in taco form.

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Eat This: Salumeria's Fried Chicken Sandwich

Categories: Eat This, Mission


A good fried chicken truly hits the spot, especially when it comes in the form of a sandwich. The one served at Salumeria on 20th St is a must-eat.

Here, chicken breasts are seasoned overnight and fried twice daily: once in the morning, and again around 2 p.m, and kept in a warmer. That the bird isn't served blazing hot out of the fryer is actually a good thing -- letting the chicken rest allows the flavors and juices to settle within itself while maintaining the crispy fried coating. You're not burning your mouth on a grease-bomb.

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Salumeria's $12 Sandwiches Are Worth Every Shekel

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Little Chihuahua Brunch Doesn't Quite Satisfy

Little Chihuahua's Mexican French Toast
A walk down Valencia on a Sunday afternoon means the smell of various foods floating over the sidewalks accompanied by the din of laughing eaters. This is a prime area for brunch and many a San Franciscan takes advantage of the various options for mid-day grubbing.

Little Chihuahua recently rolled out a new brunch menu and we were especially interested in their twist on French toast. The Mexican French toast, offered only on weekends, wraps plantains and applewood-smoked bacon into flour tortillas that you can then smother with maple-agave syrup.

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Talking Tacos with Tartine Bakery's Cameron Wallace

Loqui taco
Liv Combe
A birria de res taco from Loqui.

Antojitos should be spicy. Antojitos should be eaten standing, served from an open kitchen where you interact with the chefs. Antojitos should never include chips and salsa. These are just a few of the guiding tenets at Loqui, the taco pop-up located in a space owned by Tartine Bakery. Every Friday and Saturday, Tartine baker Cameron Wallace turns out tacos--fish, birria de res, carnitas--on hand-made and made-to-order corn and flour tortillas, transforming the window between the bakery and Pizzeria Delfina on 18th Street into his own Little Mexico.

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Just in Time For Baseball Season: The Haute Dog at Craftsman & Wolves

Categories: Eat This, Mission

Pete Kane
The Haute Dog at Craftsman & Wolves
Craftsman & Wolves has debuted the latest unlikely mash-up of tasty things: the Haute Dog. It's an all-beef dog baked into a mustard-seed croissant/bun, with whole grain mustard and house-made salt and vinegar beet chips. Pastry chef William Werner baptized his creation with a name that is also a pun, but to his credit, he didn't coin a horrible neologism like "cro-furter" or something.

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This Week's Review: Tasty Bar Bites Only Add to the Ichi Sushi Experience

Mike Koozmin
Ichi Sushi is one of those restaurants that has a local cult following, and the legions cheered when owners Tim and Erin Archuleta announced they were expanding to a bigger spot across the street. The new spot includes a larger restaurant/sushi bar (though not much larger -- only a seven-seat addition) and a new bar, called Ni, where the legions can wait for their omakase. As I wrote in this week's restaurant review, both are worthy of a visit.

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Dive Bar Bites: French Onion Sandwich at The Galley

Ferron Salniker
Justin Navarro at his pint-sized kitchen inside Clooney's.
When I walked into Clooney's Pub at noon no one at the bar turned around to check the door. The regulars had long since taken their seats at the bar, the baseball game was on, and the guy playing pool by himself under the illumination of a Budweiser light was focused on his shot. The stools, with green carpeted backs, looked grimier than BART seats. If we weren't in the heart of the Mission, it would be an unexpected place to get a really good sandwich.

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