Three Twins Ice Cream Reopens in the Lower Haight

Pete Kane
Three Twins founder Neal Gottlieb rocks some snazzy pants.

With residue from a messy water main break only blocks away, today might not have been the most auspicious day to reopen a business that was displaced by fire. But after an absence of two-and-a-half years since the massive conflagration at Haight and Fillmore, Three Twins Ice Cream has finally reopened. Now you can get some Dad's Cardamom and Madagascar Vanilla without tracking down Carl the Three Twins ice cream truck, or having to go to the grocery store (or to Marin).

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Second Act Marketplace Gives the Red Vic Movie House a Second Chance

Second Act Marketplace and Events
Since the iconic Red Vic Movie House closed nearly three years ago, the city has been anxiously awaiting to see what's in store for the historic space. Finally, Jack and Betsey Rix, two of the original founders, are ready to debut their new concept to the public next week.

Second Act Marketplace and Events
is breathing life back into the landmark movie house by celebrating the relationship with the community that the Red Vic was so strongly known for. Second Act will bring people together to eat and to shop for locally produced goods or for artistic events.

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Magnolia Readies for Strong Beer Month With New Chef and Menu

Pete Kane

If sometimes I've walked out of Magnolia Gastropub and Brewery smelling a little like beer -- not my breath, my entire person, because of the yeasty, malted air -- it's still a perennial favorite of the Haight. On-site beer production, outdoor seating, and that fantastic burger all contribute to one of the all-around best dining experiences in the city. And that's before the prescribed exercises to train your palate for good beers.

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L.A.'s Lobsta Truck is Coming in February!

Tom Walton/Fortune PR
Just when you thought the food truck scene was both oversaturated and kind of sparse at the same time, here comes a really good one: The Lobsta Truck. This mobile eatery, which isn't from Kennebunkport or Penobscot or Millinocket, but decidedly un-lobster-y Downtown Los Angeles, will be rolling into the Upper Haight Off the Grid on Thursday, February 13, from 5-8:00 p.m, with other OTG sites immediately to follow.

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Chaparral, a Fancy New Pop-Up at Kate's Kitchen

Pete Kane
Kate's Kitchen in the Lower Haight is by no means a hidden gem, as there's often a line, but considering how good the Flanched Farney Carney sandwich and New England Flannel Hash are, it's surprising the queue doesn't become a mob scene like you find at Brenda's Soul Food.

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Great Indian Food on Haight Is Actually Pretty Good

Pete Kane
What, exactly, is the standard of greatness? The modest braggadocio behind the Haight's new Great Indian Food sets up at least slightly heightened expectations, even if the signs proclaiming its greatness are in a variant of comic sans, which is not a great typeface.

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Drink of the Week: Recruiting an Army Navy Cocktail at Alembic

Lou Bustamante
When Daniel Hyatt left the Alembic early this year, it was difficult to image how the bar would function without him. He largely defined the innovative house cocktail style that comfortably cohabited with classics (much like the residents of the neighborhood).

One of the new bar managers, Danny Louie, worked extensively with Hyatt's during his tenure and is keeping the place humming much the same. With the help of Ethan Terry, formerly of AQ, the pair is adding their own touches and original creations. "My vision has always been to keep things whimsical and on edge without the pretension," says Louie. "I like to challenge the palate a little while keeping the other half more approachable."

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Groovin' to the Mellow Vibe at Off the Grid Upper Haight

Lou Bustamante
Peace, love, and groovin' grub in the Upper Haight
Our monthly review explores the city's food trucks gatherings, one at a time, breaking down each one with statistics, descriptions of the scene, and vital info to help you plan a trip there.

Location: At Stanyan and Waller in Upper Haight
Schedule: Thursdays 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Market Info Website: Upper Haight OTG Facebook
Approximate Number of Trucks: 10-13
Parking/Public Transit: Street parking or the Muini N, 71, 43, or any one of many routes that stop near Haight near Golden Gate Park
Music: Live music; check out full schedule
Restrooms: Public restrooms by the entrance to the park
Booze: No
Seating: Folding chairs
Best for: Warming up and refueling after wandering through Golden Gate Park, or fueling up for NightLife at the Academy of Sciences
Other notes: A mix of tourists, locals, and nearby residents.

Arriving at the Upper Haight edition of Off the Grid, I am reminded how much the venue and clients affect the feel of a food truck rally. Everyone focuses so much on which trucks will be at a venue when planning a visit that they forget the impact that the space itself has on the experience.

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Food Truck Rally Review: SoMa StrEat Food Park

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Drink of the Week: Enjoying The Rebound Fling at Ice Cream Bar

Lou Bustamante
The Rebound Fling--it's a total lactart
When a prescription to "drown your sorrows" is issued by your friends to numb the pain and heartache caused by the conclusion of wonderfully tumultuous spring fling, it'll most likely include either ice cream or beer. We personally prefer a rebound, especially when it comes with beer and ice cream at the same time.

At Ice Cream Bar, the Cole Valley old time soda fountain and ice cream emporium, you can do all of those at once, like in the deliciously sassy The Rebound Fling ($11, Speakeasy Payback Porter, morello cherry ice cream, sour cherry syrup, lactart).

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Ice Cream Bar Owner Juliet Pries on eBay, Tinctures, and Coca Leaves

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Drink of the Week: Getting Swept Away at Padrecito

Lou Bustamante
Pasa Tiempo cocktail
There were close to a dozen glasses in front of me, nearly the entire cocktail menu at the newly opened Padrecito in Cole Valley, all sitting in various states of consumption. The wave of drinks crested with the newest cocktails up front, the older and emptier ones ebbing towards the back, while the sea of liquor pushed and pulled like the tide. But two had beached themselves close to me, and despite my better judgment, I was close to finishing them.

I notice my personal telltale sign that the tipsy riptide was pulling me out to sea as I "lose" my phone in one of my own pockets (you fiend!). I fight the current's pull with an order of the Chicharrones with Fava Bean Sikil Pak dip ($9), but those two cocktails were so gorgeously bright and sparkly with citrus, that I couldn't help wading back in for "re-tasting" dip.

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