Cantina Verde, an S.F. Version of Chipotle in the FiDi

Pete Kane
A burrito isn't much to look at, it's true, and Cantina Verde's was wrapped pretty badly, but it held its structural integrity to the last bite.

When I saw the price of a burrito at Cantina Verde, the new Mexican joint in the Financial District, my eyes goggled. It's $6.50, which is also the same price as three tacos (or a salad), and a hair under the prices at obvious archrival Chipotle. Nearly all the toppings are free, which if you're a shameless glutton like me, results in a massive burrito, and chips are a dollar extra. (There's also fresh cilantro, which if memory serves, can't be ordered at Chipotle except off the secret menu.) So in that sense, win!

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Topsy's Fun House is a Cocktail Carnival

Pete Kane

If there were ever a bar that I really, really wish did not have a wall-mounted flatscreen TV in it, it would be Topsy's Fun House, which is otherwise a wonderful experience from top to bottom. Art-directed within an inch of its life, the Financial District cocktail spot is neither clownish nor self-serious, just well thought-out. And the drinks are very good.

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Street Food Dojo Brightens Boring FiDi Intersection with Kimchee, Dawgs and Bentos

Pete Kane
As someone who can never get enough Asian street food, I'm delighted that Street Food Dojo has been up and running on Market and Post for a while now, filling hungry bellies with kimchee fried rice and Spam masubi. And it's way tastier than the crap that the Cobra-Kai Dojo from The Karate Kid churned out. Indeed, casual dining on Market continues to improve.

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Bun Mee #2 Opens on Market Street

Yelp/Denise T.
It's not really "Mid-Market" and it's not really revitalization, either, but Market Street is much improved with the addition of Bun Mee, Denise Tran's wonderful Franco-Vietnamese sandwich shop that was previously available only in the Fillmore and via bicycle courier, and is set to open any day now.

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Gifts and Holiday Cocktails from T-WE TEA and Got Milk?

Pete Kane
Although coffee has achieved near-ubiquity, tea seems to lag behind. This is a peculiar situation, considering how varied tea can be, and how inexpensive it is. Unlike the big-name third-wave coffee roasteries, there are comparatively fewer tea houses of note.

While T-WE TEA in the Crocker Galleria isn't a café, it is a splendid little shop to pick up some artisan blended, single-origin loose leaf teas as a holiday gift. (If you're flying home for the Birth of Santa, it's probably best to minimize that luggage weight, and dried leaves are perfect for that).

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Archive Bar & Kitchen, a Cozy Den of Inebriation Newly Open Downtown

Pete Kane

With all the Irish bars and general nothingness dotting the nether-region where South of Market transitions into the Financial District, it's nice to see the corner of Mission and Second Streets get a respectable after-work watering hole. Archive Bar & Kitchen, a gastropub and wine bar, may have a masculine atmosphere, but it's no bros-only club.

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Terminus' Arrival Means That, Finally, There's Something Near a Cable Car Worth Eating

Pete Kane

The cable cars are a wonderful institution, absolutely indivisible from San Francisco and I would lay down in front of one if ever there were plans to remove them, but let's face it, dining options by the cable car lines are like following a rainbow to the end and finding a big bowl of crap where the gold should be.
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Market Street Gets a New York-Style Halal Cart

Pete Kane
If you've ever worked in Lower Manhattan, you know that there are seriously limited lunch options (and not just because you won't blow your whole allowance on a $100 burger flecked with real gold). It's partly because the tip of the island is wedge-shaped and you can only walk so far without hitting water.

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Making a Lunch Pit Stop at Truck Stop SF

Lou Bustamante
Our monthly review explores the city's food trucks gatherings, one at a time, breaking down each one with statistics, descriptions of the scene, and vital info to help you plan a trip there.

Location: 450 Mission, in the alley
Schedule: Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.-2 p.m.
Market Info Website: Facebook (has the most updates)
Approximate Number of Trucks: 2-3 each day
Parking/Public Transit: Parking is tough, Market street transit makes it easier
Music: No
Booze: No
Seating: Outside in the courtyard of the Fremont Center that connects to the alley
Best for: Quick lunch bite on sunny days
Other notes: Lines get long fast; take an early lunch for best service

Easily one of the hidden gems in the food truck rallies is Truck Stop SF. Tucked away in a small alley barely big enough for the trucks and lines of patrons, this rally hosts a great selection of food trucks, like Hapa SF, KoJA Kitchen, Phat Thai, and the ever-popular Chairman. While it doesn't offer any seating in the alley, it has an unexpected advanced of having access to the courtyard of Fremont Center at 50 1st Street. On a nice day, large groups of co-workers share tables or bench space underneath trees.

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Tender Greens Opens Today in the FiDi

Anna Roth
Mixt Greens is about to get some competition for lunch traffic in the Financial District: L.A.-based Tender Greens is moving in to Fremont and Market. Like Mixt, Tender Greens focuses on salads using local ingredients. But Tender Greens also offers hot plates loaded with protein like marinated steak, salt-and-pepper chicken, and herb-brushed albacore; garlicky, buttery Yukon Gold mashed potatoes; and a substantial simple salad, all for $12. (Check out the whole menu on the Tender Greens website.)

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