Spice Ace In Pac Heights Carries Seasonings You've Never Heard Of

Pete Kane

Just off the main bustle of the Fillmore as it transitions in Pacific Heights is a new and wonderful niche shop for home chefs. Like a modern apothecary, Spice Age contains hundreds of jars full of seasonings both fabulous and everyday, all arrayed on clean, white shelving. It's Kiehl's for pink Himalayan sea salt -- which, incidentally, you can purchase as flat blocks to use as cooking surfaces for the stovetop or barbecue, or even as a mortar and pestle, formed entirely of sea salt.

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Dining in the Dark: Blind Cafe Illuminates Taste Buds and Mind for Charity

Dining in the dark.
The decor of the waiting room of this particular pop-up cafe in San Francisco is eclectic. There frames are crooked, there are bronze angels hanging from the chandelier, and the furniture is random, almost bohemian. But it won't be relevant for the next two hours. The lights flicker and dim at low, almost non-visible levels, acting as a precursor of what is to come at the Blind Cafe.

Brian "Rosh" Rocheleau, founder and creator of the nonprofit organization, then comes out to the waiting room and rings a Tibetan gong, announcing that seating will begin and gives instructions on what is going to happen for the next two hours: dinner in complete darkness.

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Beer of the Week: Lagunitas Fillmore Fusion Ale

Categories: Beer, Fillmore

lagunitas 1.jpg
Jason Henry
Lagunitas Brewing is known for many things, some of which include making great beer, embracing all visitors as friends, and knowing how to party. On any given day at Lagunitas's 'Taproom and Beer Sanctuary', you can see the elements of a great party coming together before your eyes -- outgoing people, great suds, and live music. Owner Tony Magee is an avid musician, and even had an amphitheater constructed on brewery grounds to host his esteemed musical guests. Now, you can taste a beer that combines multiple passions of the Lagunitas Brewing team -- Fillmore Fusion Ale, brewed to honor the 100th Anniversary of the building housing the historic theater.

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Monstrous Burgers Move Into the Fillmore

Roam Heritage Burger.jpg
Pete Kane
San Francisco has a reputation for being a land of vegetarians. Lies, all of it. This is a city for meat-eaters, and burgermania has swept the burg, from Umami Burger to Super Duper to Roam, which just opened its second location on Fillmore Street.

So we had to check on Roam's patties: Are they something unapologetic carnivores will appreciate? (You could ask if they were "manly" enough, but we don't want to perpetuate gender stereotypes.)

They are. For starters, bison (and elk!) sit prominently on the menu, where you get to build your own sandwich -- and bonus points for that. While Umami's chest-pounding stands front and center with the "Manly Burger" and its beer-cheddar cheese, you don't have to dig far to get to cave-dweller heaven at Roam.

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