Drink of the Week: Bone Machine at Third Rail

Lou Bustamante
The icy stare of a Bone Machine Cocktail
Some bartenders hate doing it, others relish it. Like it or not, naming a cocktail has an impact. Some names are certainly more utilitarian and descriptive of their ingredients than others, but those that aren't help create expectations, define a mood, and craft a story of a drink's character and past.

When I saw the Bone Machine ($10, bourbon, oloroso sherry, amaro, bitters) on the menu at Third Rail under the Spiritous section, I imagined it was named after a ruthless mixed-martial artist. An extremely slow and packed ride on the T line -- one in which a drunk young professional was threatening to topple over and crush us for the entire 30 minutes -- necessitated something with intensity in the place of mercy. This drink was the perfect remedy, more grappler than brute; the bourbon's strength, the sherry's blatant audacity, and the amaro's citrus wallop landed a deliciously dark strike directly on my mouth.

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The Sea Star: Who Wouldn't Love a Fancy Dogpatch Dive?

Categories: Dogpatch, Opening

Pete Kane
The Last Laugh: Siete Leguas Reposado, Luxardo, Green Chartreuse and lime)
If memory serves, the original Sea Star was sort of a hyper-dive, with linoleum flooring and giant signs for crappy beer, and it had probably been there since Seals Stadium opened. A couple of years ago, it became the Goat. Now it's the Sea Star again, and it's basically everything you could want in a fancy dive (unless you're the type to find that phrase to be such a contradiction in terms that you'll live out your days in self-imposed exile from a good time).

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Stripped-Down Excellence at Long Bridge Pizza in the Dogpatch

Categories: Dogpatch, Opening

Pete Kane
The Sausage Pizza at Long Bridge

The Dogpatch is kind of a mystery. It's the city's anti-urban village, largely bereft of conveniences and amenities but increasingly full of great things to eat and drink. And now the explosion of pizza places is no longer limited to Mission's southern tier, with Long Bridge Pizza Company up and running on Third. Sign-less and nondescript from the street, and a little on the drab side overall, it's a commonsense operation that plugs a serious hole on Third Street (nearby Piccino being a somewhat higher-end pizza experience).

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Triple Voodoo's Taproom in the Dogpatch Needs to Call in the Shaman

Pete Kane

Up-and-coming brewery Triple Voodoo's new taproom is located -- where else but? -- in the Dogpatch, giving them creative neighbors, room to breathe and grow, and a community of passionate beer freaks to lean on and argue with. But with all due respect given to a large, multi-use facility with more details to fret over than a typical restaurant, it's a bit underwhelming just yet.

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Three Sweet S.F. Chocolate Factory Tours

A world of pure imagination? Close enough.
As one of the food capitals of the country, San Francisco has a certain culinary image to uphold. And in addition to the great produce, bread, coffee, pickles, cheese, charcuterie, and so on produced in the city, we have some damn fine chocolate, and not one but three chocolate factory tours to explore. Go behind-the-scenes to learn about single-origin bars, confections, and more -- and even though none of the factories have a Wonkaesque chocolate waterfall, most of the tours do end in tastings so you can put what you just learned into delicious context.

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Find Under $5: A Trip to New Orleans in the Dogpatch

Alexis Katsilometes
Just For You's Beignet
Those who have had the good fortune to visit New Orleans know the power of a good beignet. And while the landscape of San Francisco bears little resemblance to the streets of the French Quarter, some of our spheres of fried dough dusted in powdered sugar come awfully close to the best examples from the Big Easy. For more than 20 years, Just For You Café in the Dogpatch has been serving some of the city's best. Adorned with vintage, neon-hued posters and a giant marlin that keeps a constant, watchful eye on the dining room, the small but bustling breakfast and lunch spot is a favorite for those seeking amiable and attentive service, a good, strong cup of coffee, and most of all, absolutely delicious beignets.

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Sweets at Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous Extend Beyond the Cone

Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous
We can't get enough of the peanut brittle at this Dogpatch shop.
Ian Flores and Annabelle Topacio, better-known as Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous, are masters of more than just ice cream. On a recent visit, while doubling up on scoops of Buttermilk Lime with Blackberry and the perfectly contrasting Ghost Pepper and Shochu, a few other craft confections made their way into our cone-clutching hands.

As if we needed another excuse to visit the Dogpatch shop.

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La Fromagerie Drops in Dogpatch

Mary Ladd
Stroll, shop, repeat: with La Fromagerie moving into the same 'hood as Mr. and Miscellaneous, Poco Dolce and Little Nib, this increasingly morphing Third Street area is becoming an easy stop for gourmet goods. It's easy to get cheesy at La Fromagerie, which is housed in a light, sweet spot. The petite sized store from French Alps native Ruben Donze offers cheese of the European and domestic variety, charcuterie, escargots, fruity jams, Firebrand artisan bread and truffle mousse ($5.99).

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Drink of the Week: Sangria at Poquito

Lou Bustamante
Some develop their drink-making skills by reading old books, watching bartenders, or learning from friends. Others get their training by doing hard time.

This was the case for Richard Vila of Poquito in the Dogpatch, the distinctive restaurant and bar that serves traditional Spanish and Ecuadorian tapas and great cocktails. The training and techniques for the flavorful and faintly sweet red sangria ($5/glass or $18/pitcher, tempranillo wine, brandy, citrus, seasonal fruit) and white sangria ($6/glass or $21/pitcher, torrontés wine, cachaça, citrus, seasonal fruit) came from spending summers with family in Spain. As punishment for causing mischief, he would be given the tedious task of helping his aunt in the kitchen. "Her favorite (and my least favorite) thing to have me do was to cut fruit [into tiny pieces] for sangria," explained Vila.

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Preview Recchiuti's Chocolate Lab on Sunday

Tom Seawell Photography
Michael Recchiuti inside the forthcoming Chocolate Lab.

Tom Seawell Photography
Chocolate spin art by Recchiuti.
The next Sunday Streets takes place in Dogpatch on July 22 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. While out gallivanting, be sure to stop by and get a preview of Chocolate Lab (801 22nd St. at Tennessee), the forthcoming cafe by noted local chocolatier Michael Recchiuti that's due to debut in September. He'll spend the day (from noon to 4 p.m.) demonstrating the wonders of chocolate spin art, and answering questions about the Lab and Little Nib, the neighboring retail shop that's open for a special preview today through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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