Find For $5: Herbed Garlic Knots at Presidio Pizza Company

Alexis Katsilometes
Admittedly, nothing about this makes much sense. The Presidio Pizza Company is located at Pine and Divisadero, a location that cannot, by even the furthest stretch of the imagination, be considered the Presidio. And while it does indeed sell pizza (and very good pies in fact), the reason we went was for the garlic knots.

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La Urbana Redefines the Garage

Regina Passlaqua
Spending your evening in a garage conjures memories of underage drinking, devouring shitty pizza, and listening to mediocre bands with people who had yet to discover the art of showering. La Urbana, the posh Divisadero Street mecca for mezcal and upscale Mexican food, turns this notion on its unattractive head.

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Three Sparkling Cocktails to Take You Into 2014

Absinthe Group
Christmas may be over, but the season of holiday indulgence is still going strong until January 1. And whether you're celebrating the impending new year, looking fondly upon the one passing by, or simply numbing the pain inflicted by visiting family members, these three sparkling cocktail are perfect to celebrate the waning days of 2013 -- and so delicious you'll be sipping them throughout the new year.

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In the Garage: La Urbana Expands With Some New Bar Space

Pete Kane
Just in time for Día de Los Muertos, La Urbana, the fancy-schmancy taquería on Divis, has expanded. The bar annex, called El Garaje Urbano, is quite literally a garage, door and all.

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La Urbana Is the Fanciest Thing to Hit Divis in Maybe Ever

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La Urbana Is the Fanciest Thing to Hit Divis in Maybe Ever

Pete Kane
The stylish bar at the new La Urbana on Divis.
Gorgeous, pricey, full of mezcal and replacing a hippie gardening store called Plant It Earth, La Urbana is going to divide Divis like Bi-Rite never could.

Let's start with the "full of mezcal" part. There is a mezcal julep and a floral mezcal and cacao concoction, plus the martini-esque "Acapulco - Manila," inspired by a trade route from the 1700s, that is made with mezcal agave de Cortés and sake. It may hit you like a Pan Am Clipper to the head.

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Divisadero Report: 4505 Meats Moving In, La Urbana About to Open

Categories: Divisadero

The once-grungy Divisadero corridor continues to evolve. Inside Scoop had the, uh, scoop today that 4505 Meats is moving to Divisadero at the space formerly occupied by Da' Pit BBQ (you know, in that parking lot next to the janky marijuana trailer). It's the second brick-and-mortar for the meat company, which opened a butcher shop in the Mission earlier this year. 4505 is no stranger to the neighborhood -- it's been a constant presence at the Sunday farmers' market at Grove and Divis. The new shop will serve sausages, burgers, and such for dine-in and take-out, and plans to open later in the fall.

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Josey Baker Starts Milling Fresh Flour

Categories: Bread, Divisadero

Molly Gore
Josey Baker at The Mill's grain mill
Josey Baker has been playing with milling his own flour for a little while now, and we're finally going to get to taste it. Beginning this Friday, Baker will switch to using fresh-milled rye flour in his much-loved rye loaves at The Mill on Divisadero. For the moment, the rest of the bread program will stay the same, though Baker plans to do more fresh-milling as he gets the rye routine down.

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Pop-up Report: Rice Paper Scissors at Mojo Bicycle Cafe

Categories: Divisadero, Pop-Up

Ben Mesirow
The pop-up is the latest in a long tradition of trends which attempt to subvert the tropes of the restaurant system. Following in the footsteps of revolutionaries like gourmet food trucks and frozen dinners, the goal is to provide restaurant-worthy dishes outside the standard rubric of the restaurant experience, and without all of its inherent hassle and pretension.

Regardless of their aim, though, the fact of the matter is that this city is crawling with pop-ups, and in an effort to help you decide which ones are worth the wait in line we bring you the first in a new series of occasional reports:

Rice Paper Scissors at Mojo Bicycle Café
The Pop-up: Rice Paper Scissors
The Host: Mojo Bicycle Café, every Thursday from around 6 until 10ish
The Cuisine: Vietnamese street and comfort food
The Experience: The first thing you'll notice at Rice Paper Scissors at Mojo is the parklet and the proliferation of red stools thereabouts.

That might be the precursor to the most prescient observation you'll make during your visit -- there are two vastly different experiences to be had here. When the weather is nice, the tables set on the wood planks protruding into busy Divisadero are inviting, somehow both secluded and the center of the party. On days like these, when the sun is still shining at 7 and your mind is pleasantly clouded by Death & Taxes, it almost wouldn't matter if the food wasn't great.

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Bi-Rite Opens Second Location, Divisadero Will Never Be the Same

bi rite divisadero entrance.jpg
Anna Roth
The entrance to the new Divisadero Bi-Rite.
In one of the most anticipated expansions in the city this year, Bi-Rite Market opened its doors on its second location on Divisadero today. The boutique market, formerly only found on 18th between Guerrero and Dolores, is a foodie haven, with hundreds of small-batch, locally sourced, hard-to-find products, great produce, affordable wines, and delectable ice cream, among other things. Unlike the Mission store, the new location has an ice cream counter built right into the market, and will certainly invite its own lines starting today, with temperatures expected to climb into the 70s.

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First Report From The Mill, Open Today on Divisadero

The Mill by Molly Gore.jpg
Molly Gore
Josey Baker's whole wheat with butter and almond butter.
After seven months as a tent in front of its brick-and-mortar space on Divisadero, The Mill officially opened its doors this morning. By its second hour the line was stacked deep and looking antsy. The new spot from Josey Baker and Jeremy Tooker (Four Barrel) is a combination bakery/cafe, a welcome marriage of Four Barrel's reliably delicious coffee and Baker's well-loved repertoire of baked goods.

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Josey Baker, Itinerant Baker, and His Community-Supported Bread
Four Barrel Nixes Soy. Forever.

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