New Company Claims to Make Artisanal Salami Out of Celebrities

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An early Kanye test: "coarse ground fatty pork with hungarian paprika for a bit of burn, and jalapeno for a bit of spice."
The weirdest story on the Internet yesterday goes to the new company Bite Labs, which is purportedly making salumi out of celebrities. That's right: They propose to harvest cells from famous people like James Franco, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kanye West, then mix those cells with animal meat to make salami. The website has a detailed breakdown of the process by which they plan to turn your favorite celebs into sausage, and the company CEO has responded earnestly to emails from Vice and Slate. Someone's taking this prank pretty far.

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Marin Sun Farms Saves Bay Area's Only Slaughterhouse

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Petaluma's Rancho Feeding Corporation, the only slaughterhouse in the Bay Area, recalled an estimated 8.7 million pounds of contaminated beef on Feb. 8, 2014. All the meat included in the recall was put out within the last year, including hamburgers from Walmart and two flavors of Nestlé Hot Pockets (three different sizes of Philly Steak and Cheese and the two-pack Croissant Crust Philly Steak and Cheese).

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4505 Co-Hosts a Parking Lot Pig Roast on Sunday to Raise Funds for Displaced BBQ Legend

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Crispy roast pork: You know you want some.
The last pig roast I went to was an all-day affair -- the pig had been wrapped in wet burlap and banana leaves and buried with burning coals early in the morning -- and it didn't work out; by the time we took the pig out around 7 or 8 p.m. and realized it had barely cooked, everyone was drunk from long hours of Tecates on empty stomachs. It didn't matter. Those who knew their way around meat broke the pig down, roasted it on the grill, and eventually served it, but even a half-raw pig carcass couldn't upset the conviviality of the afternoon. There's something so elemental and fun about pig roasts.

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Belcampo Meat Co. Announces SoCal, Palo Alto, S.F. Expansion

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Anna Latino
A year ago, when I reviewed Belcampo Meat Co., the company was just an ambitious self-starter, albeit with an expansive vision from owner Anya Fernald. The company already owned a sustainable meat supply chain that included an 10,000-acre organic farm and Temple Grandin-designed slaughterhouse up near Mt. Shasta and a butcher shop/restaurant in Larkspur, but Fernald told me that online shopping, delivery, and expansion across California were hopefully in the future. "It's not very profitable to raise meat the way you're supposed to," she said a year ago. "The business is more viable with three or four more stores open."

See also: Belcampo's Anya Fernald on Expansion Plans, Why Their Meat Is Hard to Beat
Belcampo Meat Co.: No Country for Vegetarians

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Welcome, Porkster: 4505 Meats Does Bacon Night TONIGHT at Welcome Stranger

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You like whole-hog butchery, right? And you like fancy duds, non? You probably thought they'd never share a billing, so to speak, but tonight at fancy Hayes Valley boutique Welcome Stranger, 4505 Meats will be doing just that. It's Bacon Night! (But it could probably be named after any tasty component of an oinker, since you can walk out the door with pig-chops or pork shoulder along with a couple Rag & Bone button-downs or Malin + Goetz skincare products).

See Also: 4505 Butcher Shop: Chicharrones Nachos, Chorizo Con Queso-Topped Sausages, and More

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TBD Restaurant Opens in Mid-Market Tonight

Julia Spiess
The much-anticipated opening of TBD, from the team behind AQ Restaurant, is finally here. Located just a stone's throw from its sister restaurant, TBD brings a fresh approach to the mid-Market neighborhood on Mission Street: Everything is cooked exclusively with fire.

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Perfect the Art of Thanksgiving Sides, Turkey, and Pies With Local Classes

Flickr/Stacy Spensley
Preparing Thanksgiving dinner is a giant undertaking that can yield some pretty delicious results, but if it's your first time taking on the memorable feast you may want to ask some experts for help. These cooking classes showcase everything you need to know when it comes to cooking the turkey, classic side dishes, and the requisite pies. We hope this will be the first of many dinners that you can add to your repertoire.

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Pop-Up Planner, Oct. 8-15: Juicy Burgers, Tequila-Braised Rabbit, and Rich Pork Ramen

Wes Rowe
Wesburger's upscale spin on Jack in the Box's "Hot Mess" Burger.

When: Sundays beginning Oct. 13, 6-10 p.m.
Where: Mr. Pollo
The rundown: Wes Rowe's burger pop-up Wesburger has joined forces with Mr. Pollo in the Mission. This week, Rowe will be putting a spin on Jack in the Box's "Hot Mess" burger with Panorama buns, ground brisket patties topped with beer battered onion rings, queso cheese sauce, and pickled jalapenos. A vegetarian patty option is always available.

You can also see Rowe in action earlier that day during brunch at Virgil's Sea Room (1-5 p.m.), where he'll be slinging breakfast tacos made from his 18-hour smoked brisket, along with a smoked veggie breakfast taco, pumpkin spice waffles with bourbon-apple cream cheese glaze, and his eponymous burger with an optional egg on it.

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Meet Debbie Ward, S.F.'s Queen of Corned Beef

Rhys Alvarado
Debbie Ward continues the 103-year-old family tradition of curing beef.
There have been too many a long and drunken night where I've floundered into hofbraus like Lefty O' Doul's with just enough singles to get me a corned beef sandwich to smooth out the inevitable rocky morning after.

No insight as to where this hangover savior has come from. No care but for my own, wasted well being. No idea of the unique history that corned beef has in this city.

So it must have been fate that led me to Debbie Ward in the upstairs office of the city's oldest corned beef plant, adorned with throwback deli photos of sky-high pastrami sandwiches, shamrock clocks, and dated menus of days when the stuff would cost but 25 cents a pound. For the past 103 years, Roberts Corned Meats has been providing corned beef and pastrami to Lefty O'Douls, Mel's Drive Inn, Tommy's Joynt, and a long list of big hitters in the city and around the bay.

"We've weathered the time because we're a specialty house," Ward says.

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Smashburger Now Smashing Meat on the Griddle in Potrero

The spicy Baja Smashburger.

Smashburger has landed in San Francisco, bringing burgers (smashed, hence the name), huge salads, flash-fried veggie frites (carrots and asparagus), a black bean-based veggie burger, Häagen-Dazs shakes, and a compact beer and wine list, all wrapped up in a fast casual concept. Yes, in S.F. we have artisan burger options all over town, but the addition of this concept to the Potrero shopping center is a welcome one -- Safeway, Togo's, Peet's and Noah's bagels are the other dining options, with a 24-hour McDonald's located a half block away.

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