Chicago Man Uses Kickstarter to Fund His Chipotle Burrito

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How much would you pay a stranger to eat a Chipotle burrito?
Unfortunately this isn't the Onion, and Chicago resident Noboru Bitoy for reals used Kickstarter to fund his lunch. Bitoy originally requested $8 from the crowdfunding site for a Chipotle burrito, the consumption of which he brazenly passed off as a public service ("Just how delicious is a chicken burrito from my local Chipotle? I will find & display the answer in a creative presentation!").

He got that original burrito and gave it a "Yum!" on a scale of "No." to "Wow!", to everyone's immense surprise and relief. But here's the thing: People won't stop donating to his burrito fund.

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Ficks Cocktail Fortifier Could Mean The End of Hangovers

Ron Alvarado
Creator Ron Alvarado with a bottle of Ficks, a cocktail fortifier that gives you vitamins lost while drinking.
A few weeks ago some fella with the same last name hit me up on Twitter to tell me about Ficks, a cocktail fortifier that serves your drink the same way a garnish does.

From his pitch, the syrup he's created is packed with electrolytes, milk thistle, B-Vitamins and a bunch of other stuff that you lose when you drink alcohol. The fortifier is designed for professionals who frequent cocktail hours on the weekdays and need to be up early in the morning.

"We're doing for cocktails what Gatorade does for athletes," Alvarado says.

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Cassava Relaunches, Adds Kickstarter For Patio

Josh Leskar
Cassava's beloved breakfast sandwich is staying on the menu.
After closing for nearly two months for renovations and expansion, the Outer Richmond's formerly tiny Cassava Café has reopened in nearly double the space with broader breakfast and lunch menus, an alcohol license, and a brand new Kickstarter campaign.

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Humphry Slocombe Starts "Lickstarter" to Help Fund Ferry Building Spot

Pending an upcoming expansion into the Ferry Building, Humphry Slocombe is reaching out to the gods of crowdfunding through a campaign they've cleverly coined a "lickstarter." The campaign is run through a thing called "Kudos," which appears to be an online platform that lets you do all kinds of philanthropic things like donating to AIDS research and sending truffles to your friends as a "social accolade."

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20th Century Cafe Launches Kickstarter Campaign With Adorable Old-Timey Video

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20th century cafe kickstarter.jpg
Polzine buried under paperwork in her old-timey Kickstarter video.
Pastry chef Michelle Polzine has been trying to open 20th Century Café in a converted laundromat at Oak and Gough (across the street from Rich Table) for a while -- we wrote recently about the pop-up bake sales she was holding at State Bird Provisions every Sunday. Now she's looking for Kickstarter dollars to fund the buildout of her new spot, which will draw its inspiration from vintage cookbooks and visits to the café-rich cities of Vienna, Budapest, and Prague.

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Ice Cream Travel Guide, All-In-One Utensils and More Need Support

The Clover Cook Set combines a spatula, spoon, and tongs in one utensil.
A tour around the current projects bidding for your bucks over at Kickstarter reveals ideas designed to make your cooking and eating pursuits a little bit easier. San Francisco's Alite Designs is looking for assistance to finish creating the Clover Cook Set, which combines a spoon, spatula, and pair of tongs into a three-in-one, interlocking utensil. A donation of at least $20 will get you one of the first sets, and the incentives to give more include other smart Alite products such as hiking and camping kits.

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Schulzies Bread Pudding Readies for Opening, Seeks More Funding on Kickstarter

Schulzies Bread Pudding.jpg
Schulzies Bread Pudding
After long last (like, nearly a year), it's looking like Schulzies Bread Pudding is finally about to open in Hayes Valley. The bread pudding has gotten rave reviews down in L.A. where Sarah Schulz operates a bread pudding stand in Venice, but this is the first Bay Area location and the strongest iteration of Schulz's vision: to open a "pudding parlor" based on the same model as an ice cream parlor. Meaning that most of her rotating 108+ bread pudding flavors are served chilled in a gelato-like case, scooped out with an ice cream scoop, and topped with delicious things like chocolate and caramel sauce, fresh berries, crumbled cookies, and more.

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Pal's Takeaway Looking to Move, Raising Funds on Kickstarter

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Jonathan Kauffman
Lao sausage sandwich from Pal's Takeaway.
If you've ever enjoyed one of the superlative sandwiches from Pal's Takeaway, you know it's located inside the cozy Tony's Market at 24th and Hampshire. Now the shop, which took top honors on SFoodie's Top 10 S.F. Sandwich list earlier this year for its Mrs. Binh's sausage sandwich, is looking to expand into a bigger space sometime next year, hopefully while remaining in the Mission. And it's asking fans to help support the move on Kickstarter.

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Grilled Cheez Guy Wants a Food Truck

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Flickr/Rob Villaneuva
Grilled Cheez Guy puts a brick on it.
Oakland's Michael Davidson, aka Grilled Cheez Guy, is using Kickstarter in hopes of raising $33,000 to buy and equip a food truck. He's about 5% of the way there, with 33 days to go.

Davidson isn't the first multi-titled Grilled Cheese Invitational champ to take his skills to a bigger market here in San Francisco. Heidi Gibson, co-owner of the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in South Park is readying a second location in the Mission, and it's all the extension of a dream formed when winning the super-competitive sandwich battle for the umpteenth time. He's also not the first local grilled cheese cart with truck aspirations; Toasty Melts can claim that title. So why support Davidson's initiative?

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Intriguing New Food Atlas Looking for Kickstarter Funding

Map slices from the book: Los Angeles' lost agrarian landscape, West Oakland's City Slicker Farms' backyard garden program, California's world almond trade, US farmers' markets and food stamp access, SF Bay Area potential food resiliency.
Remember those rad children's atlases that had cartoonish representations of the major exports of every region around the world, kinda like the map mural at Kate's Kitchen? Well, get excited: a group of Berkeley cartographers and more than 80 volunteers around the globe have banded together to create the grownup version. Food: An Atlas will be a visual representation of food systems around the world, with more than 60 maps covering everything from the United States "beershed" (where our beer ingredients come from) to the global distribution of California almonds. The crowdsourced project is one of the first of its kind. And it needs your help, via Kickstarter, to become a reality.

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