Week in Vegan: Fake Chicken, Nut Milk, and How to Buy a Bakery

  • If you've been looking for an opportunity to dump your boring corporate job and open a bakery, your ship has arrived! Cinnaholic (omg so good) has started a franchise program. Get it!

  • A recent recall of fake meat (it was labeled as real meat and no one complained) has proven something important: Fake chicken now tastes like real chicken. Hold on to your hats because shit just got real.

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Three Coffee Drinks You Don't Know But Should

Categories: Coffee

Saint Frank
A recent satisfied customer at Saint Frank
Humans are hardwired to be loyal creatures, I like to think. But nothing does so much to divide a city into a tribalistic den of animals as well as coffee, and nothing does so well to disguise a legal drug habit as "brand loyalty." That said, being picky is a privilege born from abundance, and San Francisco affords a lot of pickiness when it comes to coffee. We harbor some of the world's most talented coffee professionals, from roasters to café owners to baristas, and they're doing some interesting stuff. Chances are, you might not know about it. For a taste (or just some novelty), here are a few to get your hands on right now.

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Five Things We Learned From Savor Oakland's Chinatown Tour

Ferron Salniker
Guilin noodles at Classic Guilin Rice Noodles
It's a beautiful thing when strangers come together on the street to devour warm pork buns in a downpour. Last Saturday, I braved the rain with Savor Oakland Food Tours and a few kindred spirits for a three-hour walking tour of Oakland Chinatown. The husband-and-wife team launched about two years ago, and have been charming locals and tourists alike with a winning formula that combines historical narrative and cultural context to explore Oakland and its food.

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Cantina Verde, an S.F. Version of Chipotle in the FiDi

Pete Kane
A burrito isn't much to look at, it's true, and Cantina Verde's was wrapped pretty badly, but it held its structural integrity to the last bite.

When I saw the price of a burrito at Cantina Verde, the new Mexican joint in the Financial District, my eyes goggled. It's $6.50, which is also the same price as three tacos (or a salad), and a hair under the prices at obvious archrival Chipotle. Nearly all the toppings are free, which if you're a shameless glutton like me, results in a massive burrito, and chips are a dollar extra. (There's also fresh cilantro, which if memory serves, can't be ordered at Chipotle except off the secret menu.) So in that sense, win!

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Drink of the Week: Hitting a Triple Header at Trappist

Lou Bustamante
I've only been to Belgium once. I went to Brussels and Bruges for a few days many years ago after working my way through Scandinavia. While the memories of being there have mostly faded to a blur of landscapes, the clearest remnant is of an afternoon spent sitting in an airy, sunny plaza with a tulip glass (or two) of Duvel.

Sitting at the bar at the Trappist, a Belgian-beer-focused pub in downtown Oakland, those fond recollections resurface and etch themselves deeper with each sip of the St. Feuillien Triple ($8.75). Silky, dry, and light without feeling watery, the citrus and fennel flavors from the beer conceal the high octane (8.5% abv), but also make it remarkably food-friendly.

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Beyond Bacon and Eggs: Three Out-of-the-Box Brunches to Try This Weekend

Brad Japhe
La Mar's Peruvian brunch is more exotic than the usual options.
Late last year, Taco Bell announced the introduction of an all-new breakfast menu, whose arrival made national headlines faster than you could say "indigestion." Perhaps it was the audacity of a waffle-wrapped taco that stoked people's imagination (or horror). But the chain actually portended a growing trend in contemporary dining, in which gourmands are increasingly turning to foreign flavors earlier in the day -- namely, at brunch. Bay Area dining, as usual, has been well ahead of the curve, long offering all manner of unconventional, ethnic brunch options.

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Chamalyn, a New Tea Lounge in Bernal Heights

Pete Kane
Chamalyn's wall of tea feels like almost like candy store, but with a minimalist Japanese vibe.

Once upon a time there was a Japanese store in the Mission called Chamalyn that had bubble tea and was otherwise similar to Umami Mart in Old Oakland, but it has since shattered. Now, we have a new Chamalyn in Bernal Heights, which is a both a Japanese tea shop and lounge. It's kind of like Samovar, only more affordable.

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East Bay Bite of the Week: Patty Melt at Marrow

Categories: Oakland

Molly Gore
Marrow's menu is short and meaty.
Inside of Oakland's Marrow, next to a stack of tomes about meat and bones, sits a typed and framed complaint letter. It's addressed to Marrow's chef-owner, Jon Kosorek, but dates from his tenure at Fork in San Anselmo, six years ago. The letter is regretful and moralizing, from a patron who refused to return to Fork because it served foie gras.

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Get Funky at The Trappist's Spontanfest on Saturday

Categories: Beer

By now, the sour beer craze has become ubiquitous enough that a quick stop at Whole Foods typically yields at least a dozen puckering finds. Chances are you've sampled some tart brews from our own backyard, a trend locally spearheaded many years ago by Russian River Brewing. There is, however, a category of sour beers that is largely unrepresented in domestic production. This weekend, you'll have a shot at tasting a solid list of some of these truly wild, terroir-driven beers.

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Hidden Gem: Traditional Guatemalan Breakfast in Bernal Heights

Eva Recinos
When it comes to choosing where to eat breakfast in this city, the amount of choices can be as overwhelming as your hangover from last night.

For those wanting to expand their palate in the area of early morning meals, a hidden gem in Bernal Heights offers a delectable, culturally authentic dish. The family-run Universal Bakery on Mission street serves up not only fresh bread but a fantastic traditional Guatemalan breakfast.

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