Kale Tacos in a Dive Bar -- How Totally S.F.

Yelp/Ann L.
Here we are in the midst of what may as well be the Decade of Kale. You can't walk a block without seeing the super green on a menu in this city. Kale is the new pork belly -- in terms of its ubiquitous presence, not necessarily in regards to nutritional value -- and while we've seen it on pizzas and in all manner of smoothies and salads, we're surprised it's taken this long to encounter it in taco form.

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Meet Kilovolt: High Voltage Coffee Coming to Oakland

Categories: Coffee

Ethan Ashley
Kilovolt hopes to open this weekend.
When Ethan Ashley moved back to the East Bay in 2008, he wasn't looking to open a coffee shop. Rather, he was hunkering down on a different project, getting an old, run-down West Oakland house back into shape. The house was his, just purchased, and awaited four years of work. Ashley took it on, learning very quickly that coffee is a vital ally in a project of that size, but hard to find on his side of the freeway. The four years he spent building, he also spent driving across town to spots like Subrosa and Awaken, scheming a way to give his own neighborhood the caffeine jolt it needed.

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Drink of the Week: Sacramento Cocktails

Lou Bustamante
Aged Martinez cocktail at Hook & Ladder
Chances are you've driven your carload of friends by or through Sacramento at some point, possible en route to Tahoe. And chances are also good that if you made a stop to eat on that long drive, you probably hit one of the many strip-mall fast-food joints right off the freeway.

While your mental image of Sacramento might be only of the state's political engine, quite a treasure trove of eats and drinks can be found there, in a big city that acts like a small town. Here's my guide and great excuses to plan a stop.

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Eat This: Salumeria's Fried Chicken Sandwich

Categories: Eat This, Mission


A good fried chicken truly hits the spot, especially when it comes in the form of a sandwich. The one served at Salumeria on 20th St is a must-eat.

Here, chicken breasts are seasoned overnight and fried twice daily: once in the morning, and again around 2 p.m, and kept in a warmer. That the bird isn't served blazing hot out of the fryer is actually a good thing -- letting the chicken rest allows the flavors and juices to settle within itself while maintaining the crispy fried coating. You're not burning your mouth on a grease-bomb.

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Srirachapocalypse: Delicious Sauce Given 90 Days to Fix Noxious Odors

Pete Kane

Oh, noes, Sriracha is back in the news. And not because someone discovered a tasty new use.

Last fall, the town of Irwindale, California complained that parent company Huy Fong Foods' plant was causing widespread health problems, including irritated eyes, headaches, sore throats. (So much for those highly coveted Scoville units.) The facility was forced to shut down for awhile, causing looting and food riots as people ransacked shelves for the vinegary Vietnamese/Thai condiment. Now the Irwindale city council has given Huy Fong 90 days to do something about the odors generated from processing 45,000 tons of chilies a year -- the actual grinding of which resumes in August.

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Little Chihuahua Brunch Doesn't Quite Satisfy

Little Chihuahua's Mexican French Toast
A walk down Valencia on a Sunday afternoon means the smell of various foods floating over the sidewalks accompanied by the din of laughing eaters. This is a prime area for brunch and many a San Franciscan takes advantage of the various options for mid-day grubbing.

Little Chihuahua recently rolled out a new brunch menu and we were especially interested in their twist on French toast. The Mexican French toast, offered only on weekends, wraps plantains and applewood-smoked bacon into flour tortillas that you can then smother with maple-agave syrup.

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East Bay Bite of the Week: Sketch Ice Cream

Molly Gore
Vanilla soft-serve with candied cocoa nibs is one of the simplest and best things at Sketch Ice Cream.
Before artisanal ice cream became the Bay Area's benign drug of choice (see Humphry Slocombe, Smitten, Three Twins, etc.), Sketch was doing it all, and doing it quietly. The spot opened nearly a decade ago, and with the exception of a three-year hiatus, has been a much-loved East Bay ice cream sanctum. The pair behind the shop are Eric Shelton and Ruthie Planas-Shelton, a couple with a high-end pastry pedigree that includes a mutual stint at Aqua.

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The Sea Star: Who Wouldn't Love a Fancy Dogpatch Dive?

Categories: Dogpatch, Opening

Pete Kane
The Last Laugh: Siete Leguas Reposado, Luxardo, Green Chartreuse and lime)
If memory serves, the original Sea Star was sort of a hyper-dive, with linoleum flooring and giant signs for crappy beer, and it had probably been there since Seals Stadium opened. A couple of years ago, it became the Goat. Now it's the Sea Star again, and it's basically everything you could want in a fancy dive (unless you're the type to find that phrase to be such a contradiction in terms that you'll live out your days in self-imposed exile from a good time).

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Greek Food Gets Its Due at Souvla in Hayes Valley

Pete Kane
The chicken wrap: Rocky Jr. free range chicken, "Granch" dressing, fennel & citrus salad, pickled red onion, pea shoots and mizithra cheese.
Greek food is all too often relegated to the margins, possibly owing to the mediocrity of most gyros and the vegetarian adoration of hummus and baba ghanouj. (A certain cheesiness factor doesn't help. The "Greek" typeface, with its pointy E's, is worse than comic sans). If there's a place in the Bay Area to get really excellent Greek food, it needs a better publicist.

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Who Makes the Better Burger: S.F.'s Super Duper Burger or Oakland's True Burger?

Kate Williams
Super Duper Burger's cheese burger comes complete with sustainable beef.
Chances are, most of us have enjoyed our fair share of fast food burgers, whether they be the objects of a late-night McDonald's craving (don't deny it) or the lauded prize at the end of a pilgrimage to In-N-Out. The growth of smaller-scale burger franchises and food trucks has made it easier than ever to land a tasty burger. These restaurants often source higher-quality products, making them even more desirable than, say, In-N-Out, but their slim, juicy patties, generous dollops of mayonnaise-based special sauces, and fluffy white buns make them just as satisfying as their less-noble predecessors.

Outposts of small burger chains dot the Bay Area. Two of the best are San Francisco's Super Duper Burger, located in the Castro, Downtown, the Marina, and the Financial District; and Uptown Oakland's True Burger. But who slings the better burger? We stopped in to both to find out.

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