S.F.'s Longest Food and Drink Lines, Ranked

Facebook/Eastside Bagels
The latest entry in the annals of San Francisco line-waiting came over the weekend, when many waited for more than an hour in the rain for a chance at a day-old bagel. The bagels in question had pedigree -- they'd been overnighted from New York's legendary deli Russ & Daughters by pop-up chefs Sonya Haines and Wes Rowe -- but the Eastside Bagels team wasn't prepared for the crowds that showed up at Dear Mom on Saturday morning, and a clusterfuck commenced.

Then again, it's no secret that San Franciscans like to wait in lines. In light of this latest entry, we've ranked the city's food and drink lines*, taking into account such factors as line location, ratio of tourists to locals, swiftness of line movement, and greatness of reward at the end. Behold, the clearly definitive, soon-to-be-gospel list:

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SFO → OMG: Napa Farms Market Ranked 4th Best Airport Restaurant in the World

Categories: Foodie Lists

Adam Fagen/Flickr
Hot on the heels of being named the greatest food city in human history, San Francisco has nabbed another distinction: Napa Farms Market at SFO is officially the fourth-best airport dining destination in the world, and second in America. (Austin's Salt Lick edged us out, and there's no shame in that because that place is cray. Copenhagen was tops overall.)

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Congratulations, Everyone, We're the Absolute Greatest Food City Ever

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Four Bowls of Soup to Keep You Warm and Toasty This Fall

Yelp/Julie K.
Indian summer is officially over and the cold winter months have finally hit San Francisco. While adding another layer of clothing and a pair of boots will keep you warm, we prefer to fatten ourselves up with warm bowls of soup when the temperature drops. Here's where you can find us slurping up bowls of broth this season.

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Plate Me Some Pumpkin: Our Five Favorite Pumpkin Dishes

Pumpkin Shrimp, Burma Superstar
With a crisp evening breeze blowing the fallen orange and red leaves over your boots, San Francisco is finally embracing autumn. And if the end of summer isn't enough to convince you, we've put together a list of our favorite pumpkin dishes around the city to ring in the fall season -- and make your taste buds tingle too.

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Congratulations, Everyone, We're the Absolute Greatest Food City Ever

Categories: Foodie Lists, WTF?

Pete Kane
San Francisco is, officially, the #1 best city for foodies. Not just the best, the number one best, according to CreditDonkey.

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Top 10 Breakfast Sandwiches in San Francisco

Reveille Breakfast Sandwich.jpg
Josh Leskar
Where does Reveille's take on a toad-in-the-hole fall in the list?
If you want to be technical about it, any sandwich consumed first thing in the morning is a "breakfast sandwich," but we know what you're really after as you roll groggily out of bed: oozing, melted cheese, fluffy scrambled or fried eggs, optional (but not really) meat of choice, all encased by sweet, glorious carbohydrates.

So many considerations must be taken into account: bun-to-filling ratio, additions and house-made components. There are fancy variations and grease bombs, snacks and meals that meet the daily caloric intake. Each has its place in our hearts and stomachs.

Called it a croissandwhich, a bagelwich, a McMuffin or a sando, if you can order it in the morning and it has buns and eggs, it counts. Whether to cure your hangover woes or simply start the day off heartily in ideal proportions of fat, protein and carbs, here are the our ten best breakfast sandwiches in the city.

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San Francisco's 10 Best Sandwiches
San Francisco's Top 10 Burritos

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Shots Fired: Five Restaurant Websites That Make Us Feel Violent

Bad restaurant sites make people click through for the address.
SFoodie has previously fired warning shots to restaurants to get their act together when it comes to making a website. But it seems the industry hasn't listened, and now it's time to name names. These five restaurants may have fine food, but you'd never know it by their terrible websites. These five examples illustrate various archetypes and honestly make us feel like kicking something:

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Five Oakland Openings to Anticipate

Oakland is poised to have an incredible year of launching new restaurants. What's particularly exciting is that many of these forthcoming ventures that have come across our radar share an ethos of local sourcing -- and, in most cases, hyper-local sourcing. 2013 will be pivotal in reinforcing an idea of East Bay cuisine that is distinct unto itself. Here are five restaurants we're anticipating:

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Comprehensive Guide to the Best Poutine in San Francisco

The Dapper Diner
Where does Per Diem's poutine fall on our all-time best of list?
As fall settles in on San Francisco, it brings changes at the farmers' market, restaurant menus, and the type of weather-related bitching done by city residents. With each successive fall, one food item seems to be rearing its greasy head on more and more menus: poutine. Every year, this Quebecois pub snack gains traction as additional restaurants slot it on to their menu, and each year someone writes about a few of them, but it's usually only a short list of three to five places and ends up resembling more a rapper's name check than an informative breakdown. This doesn't cut it for me. Having traveled to Montreal on many occasions to watch the Canadian Formula 1 races and then to Quebec, I have indulged in many late night poutine-eating sessions in bars, and even a sad afternoon stop at a poutine-serving Burger King, so uncovering only a few of San Francisco's poutine stops would be criminal. Instead, I found eleven. Yeah, "Vladamir Poutine," president of Poutinestan, would approve.

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Top Five San Francisco Chefs to Follow on Instagram

Instagram/Chris Cosentino
Chris Cosentino's Instagram has fans in high flying places.
The photo-sharing social network Instagram has just widened its addicting potential by making member profiles visible on the Internet instead of only via mobile apps. This means that we can enjoy widescreen food porn from some of San Francisco's leading tech-savvy chefs. These are the top five who consistently make us drool:

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