Srirachapocalypse: Delicious Sauce Given 90 Days to Fix Noxious Odors

Pete Kane

Oh, noes, Sriracha is back in the news. And not because someone discovered a tasty new use.

Last fall, the town of Irwindale, California complained that parent company Huy Fong Foods' plant was causing widespread health problems, including irritated eyes, headaches, sore throats. (So much for those highly coveted Scoville units.) The facility was forced to shut down for awhile, causing looting and food riots as people ransacked shelves for the vinegary Vietnamese/Thai condiment. Now the Irwindale city council has given Huy Fong 90 days to do something about the odors generated from processing 45,000 tons of chilies a year -- the actual grinding of which resumes in August.

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Dirty Water, a Terribly Named New Bar, Is Coming to the Twitter Building

Wikimedia Commons
What comes up when you type "dirty water" into an image search.
Well, we're really scraping the bottom of the barrel for bar names if it's come to this. A new bar called Dirty Water is coming to the Twitter building from former Press Club GM Kristian Cosentino, according to Eater SF. The bar's name and concept -- 50+ beer taps, 100+ wines by the glass, rare spirits -- hasn't changed since it was announced last September, but the prime real estate offered in this deal makes it a higher profile opening. And thus, the busy bees at the Twitter hive will have to drink in a place whose name has shades of Zoolander's homelessness-inspired fashion line, Derelicte.

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Judge OK's Low-Flying Drones. Is Taco Delivery Next?

The future of drones might be a little more complicated than a dystopian police state.
Like most people, I dread the not-too-distant day when armies of weaponized drones perfect a totalized surveillance state, terrorizing the populace and raining fire from the sky in the name of safety. However, a judge recently OK'd low-flying drones, opening them up for more banal purposes -- namely food delivery. It's entirely legal, now that the National Transportation Safety Board has triumphed over the Federal Aviation Administration. Move over drone warfare. Now it's just drone fare.

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Dunkin Donuts is Coming!

Guzzle Nosh/Flickr

It's (almost) time to make the donuts!

Until recently, the Dunkin' Donuts tagline, "America Runs on Dunkin'" would have been more accurately "America Except for the Pacific Time Zone Runs on Dunkin'". You can order a jelly doughnut in Ecuador, Pakistan, Bulgaria, and Phoenix, but not in California -- but that will be changing. Last year the chain announced it was moving into Orange County and the Inland Empire, and Monday announced its plan to open 80 stores in Northern California, according to NBC -- but slowly, over the next five or six years.

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Hog Island's Ferry Building Bar Closing for Several Months to Expand (Updated)

Thumbnail image for hog-island-oysters-lara-hata-orders.jpg
Lara Hata
Better get your Hog Island Sweetwaters in while you can. The oyster company has announced that it will be closing its Ferry Building doors briefly while it expands to the area formerly housing Ferry Plaza Seafood, across the concourse.

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You Can Stop Panicking About the Sriracha Shortage Now

Thumbnail image for 4268092484_e70b983eb4_z_flickr_sriracha.jpg
Good news everyone. A spokesman for Srirarcha manufacturer Huy Foods has confirmed that the company plans to start shipments of the beloved fiery red sauce by the end of the month. As you may remember, first the Irwindale plant was shut down because it was letting off noxious fumes; then the California Department of Health stopped production for 30 days to make sure there weren't any microorganisms in the uncooked sauce. In response, the Internet had a collective freakout about where they'd get their hookup if the plant were shut down permanently.

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Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield to Re-Open Lusty Lady as Bar

Yelp/Kevin Y.
Big news to kick off the new year. The team behind the revitalization of North Beach's beloved Tosca Cafe has turned to another local icon. Inside Scoop has the news today that Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield, the New York restauranteur and chef who remodeled Tosca in 2013, has signed a lease on former strip club The Lusty Lady.

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Tamale Lady Opening Brick-and-Mortar in the Mission

Thumbnail image for tamale_lady.jpg
Everyone's favorite late-night savoir, Virginia Ramos aka The Tamale Lady, is poised to open her own brick-and-mortar at 16th and Mission. Lauren Smiley and Mission Local have the scoop on the new location, which has been confirmed by Nate Albee, legislative aide to Supervisor David Campos. The city worked with Ramos to find a spot for her, according to Mission Local -- though it's unclear who put up the funds after a failed Indiegogo campaign to raise money. The exact details of her new tamale-peddling spot will likely be released at a press conference in January.

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Government Shutdown Moves from Inconvenient/Damaging to Outright Ridiculous

Pete Kane
Because of the government shutdown, people aren't getting their food stamps, veterans can't visit the World War II Memorial, seismologists are no longer feeling the earth move under their feet, and even the Orange Julius in the National Mall is closed.

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Could Ghirardelli Square One Day Rival the Ferry Building?

If the last time you were in Ghirardelli Square was to escort a visiting elderly relative who wanted to buy fudge with traveler's cheques, that's because it kind of sucks.

But as a historic pod of twelve buildings dating as far back as 1864, it certainly has potential beyond its current 55 percent occupancy rate and general forgettable-ness. (Remember, the Ferry Building used to be walled off from everything by an elevated freeway.) In perhaps a bit of recognition that it's underutilized and unloved, Ghirardelli Square has been purchased for $56 million in preparation for a big, post-recession zhoozh.

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