This Week's Review: Tasty Bar Bites Only Add to the Ichi Sushi Experience

Mike Koozmin
Ichi Sushi is one of those restaurants that has a local cult following, and the legions cheered when owners Tim and Erin Archuleta announced they were expanding to a bigger spot across the street. The new spot includes a larger restaurant/sushi bar (though not much larger -- only a seven-seat addition) and a new bar, called Ni, where the legions can wait for their omakase. As I wrote in this week's restaurant review, both are worthy of a visit.

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Tonight: Eat at La Nebbia, Then Ride a Real-Life Donkey at Rock Bar

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Juan Pardo
La Nebbia's impressive porchetta.
It's Thursday, which is more or less Friday, so you might as well go out tonight. And if you don't have plans, allow us to create an evening agenda for you.

First, I fell in love with La Nebbia, the newish wine bar and enoteca from the folks behind La Ciccia and the subject of this week's restaurant review. The menu at the 30th and Church restaurant focuses on prosciutto and thin-crust pizzas, with some other Italian specialties thrown in. Do order the burrata with pancetta and truffle sauce (dreamy), maybe a pizza or the porchetta with balsamic, endives, and blood orange, all washed down with a lovely glass of Italian wine.

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S.F.'s New Delivery Services Don't Feature Fake Restaurants Like New York's Seamless

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Flickr/Mark Turnauckas
In this week's paper I wrote about my experiences testing some of the city's new food delivery services. One of the reasons restaurant delivery is ready for disruption, pardon the phrase, is that San Francisco's delivery options are pretty weak -- especially compared to a city like New York's.

Everyone I know in New York uses Seamless GrubHub, but it's not without its problems. Eater has a troubling report from the Tribeca Citizen that discovered that one Chinese restaurant was selling its food under four different names. Eater NY also recently found one Chinatown restaurant apparently using three different names on Seamless. Not saying that this is happening here in S.F., but the biggest reason I don't use the service is because it's overrun with restaurants I've never heard of, so I wouldn't be shocked if some of the same shenanigans were happening here.

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Delectable Dates: Date Cake at AQ Restaurant and Bar

Date Cake, AQ Restaurant and Bar
What better dish to celebrate a dessert date than with a sweet treat that shares its name with the occasion's namesake? Before hitting the SOMA bars this weekend, stop by AQ for a drink and dessert: A sweet date pastry cake that is pretty much a plate of autumn.

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This Week's Review: Exploring Two New Interpretations of Indian Street Food

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Mike Koozmin
Pav "sliders" at Juhu Beach Club in Oakland.
For this week's restaurant review, I wrote about a pair of Bay Area restaurants serving Indian street food, a seemingly paradoxical idea that nonetheless is turning out to be some pretty tasty grub. First, I ventured across the bridge to the newish Juhu Beach Club in Oakland where, like almost all critics before me, I was blown away by chef Preeti Mistry's fun and innovative takes on food from her trips to Mumbai.

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Watch Smitten Ice Cream Brrr-istas Make it Creamy

Joseph Geha
One of the Brrr-istas in action at Smitten Ice Cream in Hayes Valley.
Photojournalism brings along with it plenty of risk, excitement and even stress, but occasionally it brings with it the opportunity to photograph (and subsequently eat) ice cream.

So when I heard our food editor, Anna Roth, was tackling a story involving the tasting of several unique and just down right odd ice cream flavors in the city, I knew I should contribute somehow.

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Belcampo's Anya Fernald on Expansion Plans, Why Their Meat Is Hard to Beat

Categories: 'Eat', Meat

Anna Latino
Anya Fernald, chief executive at Belcampo Meat Co., thinks a lot about how her company's meat will taste. And she should, as head of a sustainable meat supply chain that includes a 10,000-acre organic farm and Temple Grandin-designed slaughterhouse up near Mt. Shasta, and now a butcher shop and restaurant in Larkspur, the subject of this week's full review. If successful, Fernald plans to expand her empire into points in Northern and Southern California over the next year.

See also: Belcampo Meat Co.: No Country for Vegetarians

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Our Three Favorite Mixology Parodies, in Honor of This Week's Review

Categories: 'Eat', Video

"This is the wrong way to consume alcohol."
In this week's review, I called out new Mission hotspot Trick Dog for coming dangerously close to being a parody of the worst kind of mixology bar (it isn't, by the way, because the food and drinks are almost uniformly awesome). This was very much on my mind during my visits, partially because the pretentions of mixology can get ridiculous in a hurry -- you know, just give me my goddamn drink already -- and partially because the past few years have been rich in mixology parody videos. Here are three of the best.

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"No, You're Boring": 1058 Hoagie Lashes Out Against This Week's Review

Categories: 'Eat', Sandwiches

anna roth is boring 1058.jpg
My own personal daily special board at 1058 Hoagie.
When you write criticism for a living, it's your job to dish out the bad along with the good. I had high hopes for 1058 Hoagie, the new sandwich shop from Adam Mesnick, the owner of the excellent Deli Board, but when I reviewed it this week in the paper I found some of the new hoagies to be lacking the creativity of his original hot sandwiches.

The review and its punny headline, "Deli Bored," caused me to became the subject of schoolyard name-calling on the sandwich shop's daily special board -- as Marcia Gagliardi at Tablehopper discovered and posted on Instagram with the caption, "This is what happens @1058hoagie when they don't like your review's headline: you become a special. Snark=snark."

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- 1058 Hoagie: Still Building a Sandwich on Par with Deli Board

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How the Chicken Wing Became Synonymous With Football

Categories: 'Eat'

Lara Hata
I spent some time last week researching the history of the chicken wing and sports fans for this week's full review on Wing Wings in the Lower Haight, purveyor of lightly fried wings in all manner of delicious sauces. Of course I started with Calvin Trillin's seminal New Yorker piece from 1980, "An Attempt to Compile a Short History of the Buffalo Chicken Wing," which was every bit as funny and informative as I remembered.

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