February Event Planner: Tofu-Making Class, Guided Cheese Tasting, and Salute to African-American Winemakers

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Facebook/Hodo Soy
Learn the art of tofu-making this month from the folks at Hodo Soy.
February isn't just about chocolate and roses. This month, satisfy your hunger for education, inspiration, and of course, a little inebriation with these three events:

What: Tofu-Making and Cooking Class
When: Saturday, Feb. 22, 11 a.m.-2 p.m.
Where: Good Eggs, 630 Tennessee
Cost: $75
Details: Discover the secrets of tofu with Hodo Soy founder Minh Tsai. In this three-hour class, you will learn the history and science of tofu making, as well as the differences in type, texture, and flavor profiles. Most importantly, you will try your hand at dishes like uni on creamy nama yuba, Sichuanese Braised tofu salad, kale pesto yuba, and silken tofu with ginger sauce. Purchase your tickets on the Good Eggs website.

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Four Classes To Help You Keep Your Resolution to Cook More

Flickr/Eric C Bryan
Some New Year's resolutions virtually beg to be broken: We vow to lose 15 pounds, cut back on our drinking, or give up carbs or dairy. But by the time February 1 rolls around, as we shovel another forkful of truffle mac and cheese into our mouths and wash it down with a third glass of wine, these promises generally have become all but a memory.

Some resolutions, like becoming more confident and deft in the kitchen, are reasonable and constructive, and they stand a fighting chance of sticking past the first few weeks of January. So this year, instead of eliminating dishes from you diet, lean how to master them with these four skill-building classes.

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Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Your Foodie Friends

Flickr/ KieuvyNguyen
Food-loving friends can be hard to shop for. They seem to already own every kitchen gadget imaginable, have shelves full of cookbooks and a stocked bar. Lucky for you, they're always hungry for more. So here's our last-minute gift guide that will satisfy your friend's never-ending appetite.

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Three Classes to Get You in the Mood for Holiday Baking

The holidays are about family, friends, and of course, food. At this time of year, our rolling pins see more wear, our ovens get more use, and our sugar cravings grow with each passing day. Whether you're hoping to gain a few skills or are simply seeking another excuse to bake, these three holiday classes will give you homework you can really sink your teeth into.

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Perfect the Art of Thanksgiving Sides, Turkey, and Pies With Local Classes

Flickr/Stacy Spensley
Preparing Thanksgiving dinner is a giant undertaking that can yield some pretty delicious results, but if it's your first time taking on the memorable feast you may want to ask some experts for help. These cooking classes showcase everything you need to know when it comes to cooking the turkey, classic side dishes, and the requisite pies. We hope this will be the first of many dinners that you can add to your repertoire.

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Learn to Make Mealworm Mix, Chocolate-Covered Crickets, and Wax Moth Tacos Just in Time for Halloween

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Moth larvae tacos at Don Bugito.
This Halloween, avoid scrolling through Pinterest boards for tips on how to make spooky treats. Instead, sign up for La Cocina's "Buggin' Out" cooking class.

The class is, you guessed it, 90 minutes of cooking insects with Monica Martinez of Don Bugito, a San Francisco-based street food project. The class begins with an insect taste test that leads you into a class where you'll find a bug for every snack craving.

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Eating Insects with San Francisco's New Mavens of Bug Cuisine
Nordic Food Lab Chefs Try To Make Insects Appeal To a Crowd

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Ghirardelli's Annual Chocolate Festival Brings the Sweets

It's often said that chocolate is better than sex. And while we can't say if that's true, we can say this: a whole lot of one of them will be had this weekend -- at least for people who make it out to the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival. Now in its 18th year, the chocolate festival has grown to epic proportions. Additional street closures allowed for another tasting booth on Beach St., extra chef demonstrations, and a larger silent auction.

"We doubled the amount of Ghirardelli chocolate that will be at the festival," says Kym Hough, Ghirardelli's senior marketing manager for restaurant and retail. "It's an explosion of chocolate."

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De-Laming Pastry School: A Q&A with SFCS's Nicole Plue

San Francisco Cooking School
SF Cooking School's new Director of Pastry Arts, Nicole Plue
Few chefs have lived through modern pastry's evolution like Nicole Plue has. From an externship in the early '90s at Masa's that touched her like a calling, to opening the pastry department at Eleven Madison Park in New York, developing recipes for Martha Stewart Living, and refining a California style at Redd and Cyrus (her work at the former netted a Beard Award), Plue has seen pastry go from second-class citizen to savory's equal. Next for Plue: teaching the next generation of pastry chefs to navigate the professional kitchen.

In June, she started a new gig as Director of Pastry Arts at the San Francisco Cooking School. Plue is developing a pastry curriculum that, like the school's mission, will seek to give students no-bullshit lessons about culinary work. The SFCS pastry program launches in September. Between selling Saltine Toffee from her online company Sideshow, planning the SFCS curriculum, and teaching pastry basics to students in the school's savory program (and commuting from her home in Calistoga), Plue spared phone time to talk about the state of San Francisco sweets.

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Class Alert! Free SF Chefs Demos and More

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SF Chefs
Fifth Floor chef David Bazirgan teaches a basil class on July 27.
There are two classes left in the free demonstration series presented by SF Chefs and CUESA at the Ferry Building. AQ pastry chef Maya Erickson leads a session on using herbs in desserts on July 20, and Fifth Floor executive chef David Bazirgan dives deep into basil on July 27. Both start at 11 a.m. and feature light sample tastes to bring the talks to life.

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Learn All About Japanese Pickles With Matthew Amster-Burton and Karen Solomon

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Class Alert! Master The Art of Fermentation, Indian Dosas and More

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Learn the secrets of sauerkraut this month.
If you're a parent looking for an alternative to a summer camp, the Junior Chefs intensive workshop ($325) at Draeger's in San Mateo on the week of June 24 might be up your alley. The hands on class takes place each day from 9 a.m. to noon, covering different themes such as breakfast, pasta, Asian flavors, Latin fusion, and comfort classics. By the end of the week, your kid might have a broader palette of dishes at their arsenal than you do.

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