Little Chihuahua Brunch Doesn't Quite Satisfy

Little Chihuahua's Mexican French Toast
A walk down Valencia on a Sunday afternoon means the smell of various foods floating over the sidewalks accompanied by the din of laughing eaters. This is a prime area for brunch and many a San Franciscan takes advantage of the various options for mid-day grubbing.

Little Chihuahua recently rolled out a new brunch menu and we were especially interested in their twist on French toast. The Mexican French toast, offered only on weekends, wraps plantains and applewood-smoked bacon into flour tortillas that you can then smother with maple-agave syrup.

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Beyond Bacon and Eggs: Three Out-of-the-Box Brunches to Try This Weekend

Brad Japhe
La Mar's Peruvian brunch is more exotic than the usual options.
Late last year, Taco Bell announced the introduction of an all-new breakfast menu, whose arrival made national headlines faster than you could say "indigestion." Perhaps it was the audacity of a waffle-wrapped taco that stoked people's imagination (or horror). But the chain actually portended a growing trend in contemporary dining, in which gourmands are increasingly turning to foreign flavors earlier in the day -- namely, at brunch. Bay Area dining, as usual, has been well ahead of the curve, long offering all manner of unconventional, ethnic brunch options.

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Hidden Gem: Traditional Guatemalan Breakfast in Bernal Heights

Eva Recinos
When it comes to choosing where to eat breakfast in this city, the amount of choices can be as overwhelming as your hangover from last night.

For those wanting to expand their palate in the area of early morning meals, a hidden gem in Bernal Heights offers a delectable, culturally authentic dish. The family-run Universal Bakery on Mission street serves up not only fresh bread but a fantastic traditional Guatemalan breakfast.

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Move Beyond Chilaquiles and Huevos Rancheros With Three New Mexican Brunches

Flickr/ismael villafranco
First up: Padrecito, the Cole Valley spot from the folks behind Mamacita, just announced its brunch menu. Eater SF has the goods on what looks like a delicious list of breakfast items: sopes with braised beef and slow-cooked egg, polenta-plantain pancakes, and breakfast tacos and quesadillas, along with Bloody Marys and sangria.

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Find Under $5: An Ode to a Dynamic Donut

Alexis Katsilometes
Like many of the grey-hewn mornings before it, you groggily wake to the gentle patter of the rain against your window. Normally, you grab a thermos of barely-passable coffee and a slice of toast while running out the door to catch the bus ... but not today. Sunday is your day to languidly read the paper over a proper cup of coffee and a truly delicious pastry.

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The Morning After: 5 Brunches To Ease Your Pain on New Year's Day

Presidio Social Club
Pork belly chilaquiles at Presidio Social Club.
Ah, New Year's Day: A brave new morning full of hope, resolutions, fresh starts -- and, unless you were very, very good the night before, a pounding head, dry mouth, and sore joints from New Year's Eve revelry. Don't let a hangover get in the way of the "new you" that you're definitely going to be this year. These beloved bruncheries open on New Year's Day will get your 2014 off to a great start.

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Mama's Set to Expand With Second North Beach Location

Yelp/Danster L.
The popular North Beach brunch spot that's always got a line stretching down the block for a chance at their famous Monte Cristo is set to open up a second location in the former Piazza Market on Columbus and Vallejo.

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Pop-Up Planner, Nov. 20-26: Soup Night, Wafflesgiving Brunch, Duck Ramen and Foie Gras

Bicycle Banh Mi
Bicycle Banh Mi will be hosting Soup Night this Thursday at Haus.
This week's guide to SF's best pop-ups and temporary restaurants.

Bicycle Banh Mi
When: Thursday, Nov. 21 at 6:30 p.m.
Where: Haus
The Rundown: With all the pho options in the city, we're sure the city has room for another temporary offering. Bicycle Banh Mi will pop up for Soup Night this Thursday at Haus with hot bowls of rich broth, silky noodles, sliced beef bountiful herbs, and bean sprouts. The coffee shop will turn into a little noodle house with southern-style pho options like phở bo tai (beef noodle soup), phở chay (vegetarian with seasonal mushrooms and tofu), and grilled pork spring rolls. The house will also be serving Canh Chua Cá, a Vietnamese fish soup with a sweet-and-sour tamarind and pineapple edge. The soup is served with sliced taro stem, okra, tomato, and mung bean sprouts.

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Marla Bakery Opens Kitchen Communal

Those counting down the days until Marla Bakery's 2014 brick and mortar opening can rest easy -- on Wednesday, Nov. 20, owners Amy Brown and Joe Wolf will launch the Marla Bakery Kitchen Communal, a take-out window that will offer a selection of their much-loved breads and pastries. Every Monday thru Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., hungry visitors can select from breakfast offerings that include pain au chocolat, bagels with herbed farmers cheese and gravlax, and the famed Marla bun. Lunch seekers will find a daily lunchbox packed with a savory pie, roasted true butternut with pumpkin seed vinaigrette, and burnt honey pot du crème with poached quince.

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Don't Miss the Pot de Creme at Marla Bakery Next Sunday

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Two Years of Drink of the Week: Hangover Brunch Edition

Lou Bustamante
Billionaire's Bacon at Maven for instant hangover relief
When I started working on this column, I never thought that I would get this far. And no it wasn't because I thought I would die or be forced into rehab, but because I simply never imaged there was this much to say. This being the 104th Drink of the Week column, the mathematical two year mark, I thought I would talk about the one thing that everyone asks about: the hangovers.

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Jasper's Orchard Malt Mule Kicks With Holiday Spirits
Drink of the Week: A Smokin' Pair at 15 Romolo

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