$4 Toast, and $4 Toast-Bashing, Moves North to Seattle

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Yelp/Michelle C.
Toast: controversial.
$4 toast is a tired local reference at this point, but to the rest of the country, it's still shorthand for Everything Wrong With San Francisco. The newest shot at S.F.'s toast culture is a food review in Seattle's The Stranger in which restaurant critic Bethany Jean Clement works out her feelings about fancy toast, first ordering a slice that costs $3 at a cafe and feeling embarrassed, then finding herself enjoying the $4-$6 slices at another restaurant and feeling vaguely embarrassed about that too. Scattered throughout are obligatory derisive references to S.F. rent, nouveau riche, etc. etc.

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Enter: the Cragel, House of Bagels' Croissant-Bagel Hybrid

Pete Kane
A fresh tray of cragels emerges from the oven.

Doubtless some people, when informed that there is now such a thing as a "cragel," will think, "OMG, no. Just no," while others will jump with joy at the prospect of maybe, possibly getting to wait in the rain for three hours for something. And they're both wrong. The cragel is imminent, it is delicious and it's not a day-old gimmick flown across the country. It's in the Richmond, at House of Bagels.

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Here's the Trailer for Josey Baker's New Bread Cookbook

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He may get most of the press these days for his $4 toast, but we're longtime fans of Josey Baker's crusty loaves, and in interviews have found him to be a smart, articulate guy willing to nerd out about all things bread for hours. That's why we're excited about his new cookbook, Josey Baker Bread: Get Baking - Make Awesome Bread - Share the Loaves, out from Chronicle April 15. In this teaser, Baker describes it as the book he wishes he'd had when he was just starting out a few years ago, back when he was a science teacher who found himself drawn to the doughy, yeasty stuff.

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Tired of the Same Old Stories on $4 Toast? Here are 16 New Approaches!

josey baker toasted bread.jpg
Anna Roth
Every day I think we've reached Peak $4 Toast Think Piece and every day the Internet proves me wrong. Edible SF's latest cover story is just the latest in a long, illustrious line of journalistic meditations on the trend. There's Pacific Standard's much-shared article tracing toast's origins to Trouble Coffee; CHOW's response to Pacific Standard; our November feature on artisanal flour; Venture Beat's story on how $4 toast is ruining S.F.; SFist's response to Venture Beat ... the list goes on. (Full disclosure: I wrote my first-ever article for SF Weekly, back in July 2012, about $4 toast.)

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Bread Porn: Watch Tartine's Chad Robertson Talk Ancient Grains

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"With bread, you're only working with flour, water, and salt," says Tartine's Chad Robertson in this new video from The New Yorker talking about ancient grains and his new cookbook. "You don't have a lot of flour options." He spent some time in Denmark researching bread and found that the Danes were cultivating older grains that had more flavors and nutrients, and the potential to be a lot easier to digest. "[It] was a really exciting thing for me, it sort of doubled the size of what I had to work with," he says.

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"Bread is a Good Teacher": A Day in the Life of Marla Bakery's Amy Brown

Alexis Katsilometes
Marla Bakery's seeded rye bread.
It's 4:30 on a Saturday morning, and instead of being asleep like any sane person, I'm stumbling half-awake down my steep apartment stairs and though the eerily quiet streets of the Mission. At a nondescript commissary kitchen at 15th and Florida, I am greeted by Marla Bakery proprietress Amy Brown, looking disconcertingly more awake than myself.

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Josey Baker Starts Milling Fresh Flour

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Molly Gore
Josey Baker at The Mill's grain mill
Josey Baker has been playing with milling his own flour for a little while now, and we're finally going to get to taste it. Beginning this Friday, Baker will switch to using fresh-milled rye flour in his much-loved rye loaves at The Mill on Divisadero. For the moment, the rest of the bread program will stay the same, though Baker plans to do more fresh-milling as he gets the rye routine down.

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The Making of a Charitable Food Movement: May 31 at SFMOMA

Pause your Netflix cheating ways and take in some live food/art -- Nucky Thompson and all his gun play and illicit hot sex can hold! The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is serving up a too-tempting multimedia free exhibit with the Kitchen Sisters called "The Making Of..." which has 100 artisans making everything from hotrods to kimchi, violins to submerged turntables throughout the museum. Since SFMOMA is shuttering for renovations, "The Making Of..." is something of a til-we-meet-again fiesta.

On Friday May 31, there will be an added spectacle that even has the potential halo effect via "The Making of a Charitable Food Movement" which provides real sustenance for folks that need it. Mission Street Food's Karen Leibowitz says their event is definitely an experiment. Originally she talked to Kitchen Sister Davia Nelson about participating and thought they would do a pop-up restaurant. It was quickly obvious that something bigger made sense. Anthony Myint explains how their personal business philosophy is at play, "We've been involved with restaurants with a charitable agenda. I suspect that if we didn't have a charitable agenda, and lowered prices, people would still be interested."

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First Report From The Mill, Open Today on Divisadero

The Mill by Molly Gore.jpg
Molly Gore
Josey Baker's whole wheat with butter and almond butter.
After seven months as a tent in front of its brick-and-mortar space on Divisadero, The Mill officially opened its doors this morning. By its second hour the line was stacked deep and looking antsy. The new spot from Josey Baker and Jeremy Tooker (Four Barrel) is a combination bakery/cafe, a welcome marriage of Four Barrel's reliably delicious coffee and Baker's well-loved repertoire of baked goods.

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Bake-Off: Obama and Romney Loaves Go Head-to-Head in Alameda

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obama bread.jpg
Yelp/Gil S.
If you're the type who'd rather be caught dead than drinking 7-Eleven coffee, but still want to show your support for your favorite presidential candidate (the convenience store chain claims that their unofficial coffee cup poll has successfully predicted the presidency in the last three elections), you're in luck: The Laughing Squid discovered that Feel Good Bakery in Alameda is selling loaves of sourdough bread stenciled with the likenesses of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

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