Week in Vegan: Ellie Goulding's Gone Vegan, Test Tube Meat, and Puppies

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  • Ellie Goulding went vegan! She's doing great, but admits that cheese is the hardest thing to give up. You're telling me, Ellie! I used to have anxiety dreams about smoked Gouda.
  • What would happen if everyone in the world stopped eating meat? Major climate change (the good kind) and probably more research into what makes the most delicious veggie burger.

  • Beyond Meat is making meat alternatives so realistic that even the hosts of Today couldn't tell whether they were eating the real thing.
  • Test tube meat is coming and I, for one, welcome our delicious new overlords.
  • Vegan wine is gaining popularity and is absolutely delicious! Drinking brings everyone together!
  • First, the good news: Taiwan has opened its first vegan supermarket and iVegan looks amazing. Now the better news: The store is in the same area as a vegan restaurant called "About Animals." Is that the best name for a restaurant or what?
  • Monday got you down? Let these dogs jogging on a treadmill get you through your midday slump.

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topjobsman topcommenter

Did the writer get past the first paragraph in the article on what would happen if the world stopped eating meat? 

The article goes on to say: "Indeed. If the world actually did collectively go vegetarian or vegan over the course of a decade or two, it's reasonable to think the economy would tank." There would be widespread suffering, poverty, unemployment and new environmental consequences. Remember that raising vegetables takes land away from native animals, making veganism not necessarily kinder to them.

The article actually argues for a balanced approach!

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