Week in Vegan: Snakes, Steaks, and Samuel L. Jackson

  • Samuel L. Jackson has gone vegan so he can become immortal. It's comforting to know that he'll be around to make sure our planes are snake-free forever!
  • Vegan food mashups are about to hit big, you guys. I can feel it. Who's ready for an avalanche of pizza waffles and meatloaf cupcakes? (Savory cupcakes sound like a beautiful dream.)

  • Megan Rascal (who used to run this show) tried out Hurraw lip balm for Vegansaurus and apparently it is the lip bomb.
  • Vegans have healthier blood. It also sparkles and is disgusting to vampires. These are facts.
  • Check out the amazing veg cookbooks coming out this year. Buy them all and promise yourself you'll actually cook something this time, not just stare at the beautiful photos.
  • Here's your chance to start cooking now. Vegan cauliflower steaks look delicious and are super easy to make. Now all we have to do is figure out how to add a T-bone.
  • Have you ever seen an elephant use an iPhone? Who had any idea elephant trunks were agile enough to hold a stylus? I can't even hold a pen right!

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