Hip L.A. Chef Roy Choi Attempts to Make Google Glass Cool

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Google Glass may be banned in bars across our fair city, but L.A. chef Roy Choi sees a different application in restaurant kitchens. The hipster chef responsible for the Korean tacos at the Kogi Truck made a propaganda-ish video for Google Glass showing the controversial technology's potential for finding, creating, and sharing recipes.

In the video, he scrolls through recipes for Irish food (seriously, is he just Googling "Irish recipes"? because that's a dangerous game) and then adapts one to make a St. Patrick's Day burrito that ultimately seems to have very little to do with Irish cuisine. No matter. Choi gives Glass a much-needed coolness boost, and shows how easy it is to use the hands-free device, especially when he takes a call from his mom while he's assembling the burrito.

Choi even went to far as to tell FastCompany that he could eventually see Glass used by chefs in professional kitchens, eliminating the need for tickets as chefs work from their own headset. Of course, it's probably only a matter of time before they're banned there, too. The only people we know more testy than bartenders are kitchen lifers.

[via Eater]

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Jim Yu
Jim Yu

I guess David Choe's relationship with Facebook may have prevented him from doing this. So they had to find the next Korean hipster. Hahaha

Jim Yu
Jim Yu

Koreans are like the Irish of the orient. We love to drink and sing songs when drunk. Lol

Gary Shurtleff
Gary Shurtleff

Not a fail at all. Probably best way to utilize and not come across like a #glasshole

Peter Hixson
Peter Hixson

Its great to record your kids dance recitals.

sfhrod topcommenter

I don't even think Ron Jeremy can make Google glass cool...well, maybe.

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