Find Under $5: An Ode to a Dynamic Donut

Alexis Katsilometes
Like many of the grey-hewn mornings before it, you groggily wake to the gentle patter of the rain against your window. Normally, you grab a thermos of barely-passable coffee and a slice of toast while running out the door to catch the bus ... but not today. Sunday is your day to languidly read the paper over a proper cup of coffee and a truly delicious pastry.

You throw on your rain boots and grab your umbrella, for even the rain cannot deter you from what lies ahead. As you near the corner 24th and York, you start to smell it: the intoxicating mix of decadent, yeasted dough and Four Barrel Coffee coming from Dynamo Donut.

When you finally reach the front of the line, you order a cappuccino without hesitation, but as you gaze upon the pastry choices, you stop in your tracks: this is the Sophie's Choice of doughnut flavors. You consider the spiced chocolate, seriously contemplate the cornmeal rosemary cherry, and just start to form the words "maple glazed bacon," when suddenly you see it glistening next to the others: a perfectly-formed apricot cardamom doughnut ($2).

You take the still-warm pastry to your table, staring hungrily at the piece of dried apricot sitting in the pool of cardamom-rosewater glaze. You sink your teeth into the spiced, currant-studded dough and immediately, the silence of euphoric satiation drowns out the howl of the winds outside.

Dynamo Donut and Coffee: 2760 24th St.; 920-1978

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