Week In Vegan: Have a Vegan Valentine

  • Everyone needs to stop using cages for chickens. And by everyone, I mean companies that are putting chickens in cages. Let them run free. (Kinda.) (Actually just let all the chickens go. They need to "fly" free.)
  • Help get Philadelphia to adopt Meatless Mondays! It can be your good deed for the day!

And now for Valentine's Day:

  • You guys, let's all fly to the Windward House Bed and Breakfast for a vegan Valentine's Day. Does anyone have any miles I can use?
  • Have your valentine make you all of this delicious food. Your gift can be providing them with recipes and staying out of their way by taking a nap.
  • You can still get vegan chocolates in time if you order today! Full disclosure: I don't know if they're good, but I will always report on vegan chocolate! (What I'm trying to say is, someone buy me ten boxes.)
  • That's amore:

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